The 3 Commands For First Time Skiers…

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First time skiers

Are You First-Time Skiers? Here Are 3 Things You Must Know First Time Skiers. If you’re counting down the days or weeks to a ski break, we have just the blog post for you. In and amongst the packing and making sure you have all the right insurances set up – cover against mishaps on the snow is vital if you’re hitting the slopes – you’re probably glad of a few more helpful hints when it comes to things to remember. Have you got your … Continue reading

Learn to 360 on skis & snowboard

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Tignes - Andy Parant

Want to know how to do a 360 on Skis or snowboard? It is not as difficult as you think. If you are an intermediate skier and boarder, you may feel it’s time to learn a few more skills & tricks so let us describe how to do a 360. Of course put safety first and ensure you have the correct safety gear on and that the slopes are clear of other skiers. Please wear a helmet and snowboards you could wear wrist guards to … Continue reading

Improve Your Ski Technique Today!

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In this blog, I will provide you with the best Ski Technique tips on how to take on: Powder, Crud, Moguls and Pistes. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all Ski Technique when it comes to the various types of ski conditions, as your method and sometimes your equipment selection is dependent upon what kind of elements you’re working with at the time. Whether you’re just beginning to dip your toes into the world of skiing, or you’re hoping to polish up your already sharp skills, it’s always useful … Continue reading

Your Free Ski Fitness Plan…

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So you have you ski holiday planned and now you play the waiting game… Looking on Instagram and Facebook at all the uploaded snow photos and keeping up to date on Twitter with the recent snow fall…but have you thought about your ski fitness? Ski Fitness  Now, you might mentally feel ready but is your body ready for multiple days of shredding the slopes? Do you really want to be the person everyone waits for day after day, or do you want to be the Duracell Bunny of … Continue reading

Warren Smith – Ski Biomechanics

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We have been in partnership with Warren Smith for many years now, where we combine our Verbier Catered Chalets with their incredible Academy Course.  Last night (24th October 2016) I was invited to attend the Warren Smith Ski Technique Lab Workshop at the Ellis Brigham Store in Covent Garden (It is MASSIVE in there if you haven’t been before!) Warren Smith. In the workshop, it was broken down into three key areas to help improve your ski technique and prevent injury. These areas are: Correct Ski Leg Flex Pattern Skier … Continue reading

Freeski Sessions Vol 2 – Pressure Control

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Pressure Control

Continuing with our Ski Skills Series with Warren Smith, the second video instalment explores pressure control which is important when skiing off piste or on fresh powder. Video Highlights Snow is not solid so is sensitive to pressure. On powder, the outside of the skis are loaded with more pressure and can lead to sinking. Moderate the pressure evenly to maintain even height on the surface. Keeping the skis aligned keeps them afloat on the snow. On high speed turns, be aware of pressure control … Continue reading

Freeski Sessions – Introduction

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Free Ski Sessions - Intro

To kick off our ski skills sessions, Warren Smith introduces you to the 4 chapters in the Freeski technique series. When you feel the urge to go off piste after a dusting of fresh snow, it is important to learn these 4 lessons as changing weather conditions and a lack of skills not only hinders your experience, it can be dangerous too. In this video, Warren Smith introduces us to his 4 lessons including Pressure Control, Posture & Core, Pole Plant and Lateral Control and … Continue reading

Exclusive Partnership with Warren Smith – An Introduction

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Exclusive Partnership with Warren Smith Ski Academy – An Introduction Powder White is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with the Warren Smith Ski Academy and the appointment of Warren Smith as the Powder White Skills Editor. The Warren Smith Ski Academy has become the most well reknowned ski schools in Verbier, taking a fresh approach to ski tuition by combining traditional ski coaching with two additional elements: ski biomechanics and ski physiology. This approach actually guarantees results, breaking bad habits that skiers may have … Continue reading