Hilarious Video of Novice Skiers from the 80’s

Posted by Fraser EwartWhite

Hilarious 80's Video

Watch this hilarious video of novice skiers made in the 80’s. These extracts are taken from a BBC documentary following a family of novice skiers visiting Soll some time in the 1980’s.

Watch out for some funny first time skiing trials & tribulations with exceptional note paid to the shell suits. Tell us what  you thought of the video by adding a comment below.

There is nothing funny about being a novice skier, I was myself once and help many novice skiers have a fantastic ski holiday, I guess it’s the retro  throwback that bought back so many good memories of learning to ski. Are you a novice skier? Need advice or help on how to get started? Contact us and we  can advise on the best place to  get started and introduce you to some great ski instructors for novices.

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