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Sun 25

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Mon 26

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Tue 27

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Fri 30

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Events in Meribel


Last updated 23/06/2016

Every year, Meribel booms with some excellent events during the winter season. Here is a brief outline of all the events which are going on over the course of next season. Some of these events are not to be missed, so if you can plan your ski holiday around these, you will not be disappointed with what meribel has to offer or our range of accommodation!


December/Decembre 2016


New Years Eve Celebrations - 31st December 2016


Celebrations start at 18.30 with simultaneous torchlight descents and fireworks at Meribel la Chaudanne, Mottaret and Meribel Village.  Later, the party really gets going at la Chaudanne with DJs, live music, laser show, countdown to midnight, fireworks, dancing on snow and litres of vin chaud - but the essential new year's fun but outdoors! Free buses run until 2am. Free and all are welcome.



January/Janvier 2017






February/Fevrier 2017


British Armed Forces International Ski Championships - 2017 TBC


Since 2007 the British Forces' International Ski Championships have set up their base camp in the Valley of Meribel. The Army, Navy and Air Force are meeting up for high level tournament in Telemark, Snowboard and Alpine Ski. This winter the "Inter Services Snow Sports Championships" will take place from in February.


March/Mars 2017





April/Avril 2017


British Alpine Ski Championships - Early April 


Meribel has become a popular host for the British Alpine Champs, The competition is well worth watching as it produces fierce competition between many of the top British skiiers, who we all watched avidly in the coverage of Sochi 2014.The Championship has in the past included popular British Skiers Alain Baxter, Findlay Mickel, and Chemmy Alcott, all previous winners in Slalom, Downhill and Super G titles. The Seniors’ competition is shortly followed by the Junior & Children Championships where events follow a similar pattern to that of the seniors, incorporating the Super G, Giant and Slalom races.