Power White Skiing Holidays


Weather Forecast:

Mon 24

8 °C to 8°C


Tue 25

3 °C to 5°C


Wed 26

3 °C to 3°C


Thu 27

6 °C to 9°C


Fri 28

10 °C to 12°C


Sat 29

12 °C to 15°C


St Anton Resort Information

St Anton

Below is an outline of practical information to take with you on your ski holiday. From transport to lift passes, this useful information is well worth taking with you as it could make your life slightly easier when arriving in St Anton.  



WiFi Access out and about


There is WiFi available in our chalets, but if you prefer to be out and about there is free access to the internet at the Tourism Offices and most hotels and bars offer WiFi, which some charge for. Most bars advertise their WiFi in their windows and require a code - it is always a good idea to buy a drink if you are using their WiFi.



Where to Stay


St Anton offers up a range of accommodation with traditional charm to modern contempory styles including chalets, hotels and apartments. Powder White offer a range of accommodation in St Anton to suit a range of budgets and great locations making us a popular choice when booking a holiday in this fantastic ski resort.



Pistes & Connectability

For someone not used to the squiggly lines on a piste map, here are the colours of piste explained. Everyone will have their favourite piste runs and discovering them is part of the excitement, but here are a few of our favourite runs that we highly recommend.
St Anton Piste Grading





Everyone with a valid lift pass can use the great bus system for free.  The main bus station is at the bottom of the Galzig and Rendle Bubble lifts and the main routes go in the direction of St Christoph and St Jacob, so whhichever end of town you're staying in you can catch a bus.

Between 8am - 10pm the buses run every 10 minutes

Between 10pm - 3am they run every hour (Night Buses are payable)





St Anton has a strictly pedestrianised town centre, so it really is advisable to walk around the resort and take the free buses as much as possible.  However, there are a couple of car parks to use. If you want a space for the week, Powder White guests can enquire about spaces at their chalets or the possibility of taking a space at a closeby chalet (subject to availability). If this is not an options, there is paid parking along the main Arlbergstrasse by the Bahnhof and out on the main road towards Lech. This is payable locally in resort.


St Anton Parking





Information on the pistes. The information team of the Arlberg lifts offers a special service: during the entire winter season, skiers wearing Orange / Black ski suits with ‘Info Team’ can be found at the crossroads for information, advice and help.



Snow Telephone


The current information: How much snow is there in the valley and how much snow up on top? What’s the temperature? Is the sun shining? The answers to these questions are available daily by calling theSnow Phone. Tel: +43 (0) 5446 2565