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Tignes - Childcare



Tignes is a great resort for children not just for skiing but also with lots of activities and some fantastic childcare options. The majority of nanny services are mobile, meaning that the nannies come to your accommodation, a familiar environment for your children. Powder White doesn't provide childcare within our chalets or hold any responsibility for your childcare, but we can speak highly of the recommendations below.

If you are staying in one of our apartments in Tignes, any of these childcare providers can offer you their services.


Jelly and Ice Cream
Jelly and Ice Cream Logo

Jelly and Ice Cream - experts in childcare, who offer private nannies and babysitting services both during the day and in the evening in Tignes.  You can rest assured that your babies and children will be looked after, leaving you free to enjoy your skiing!  Jelly and Ice Cream have the ability to provide care to virtually all age groups of children, as young as just six weeks up to pre-teens and older. Today's varying demands of a family can be accommodated with flexible business hours, tailor-made for each individual on a virtually 24/7 basis. Because of their excellent service, clients return to Jelly and Ice Cream year after year and are full of praise for Tina and the team.


Childcare rates:

1 half day €94-€107 (09:00-13:00 OR 13:00-17:00)
6 consecutive half days  €508-€570
1 full day  €153-€175 (based on 8 hours per day)
1 full week  €877-€999 (based on 8 hours per day for 6 days)
Evening Babysitter (after 19:00pm)
1-3 children  €17p/h before midnight, €19p/h after midnight, €34p/h for Xmas and New Years Eve
4-5 children  €19p/h before midnight, €20p/h after midnight, €38p/h for Xmas and New Years Eve




T4 Nanny


T4 Nanny Logo


All T4 nanny employees are qualified to look after children, complete with glowing references, these nannies are hand-picked and dedicated to making your holiday stress free and your children’s holiday just as fun as yours! Your children can be looked after on a full day or half day basis

Prices start from:

6 Full days (8 consecutive hours per day anywhere between 8.30am and 8.00pm) £750

6 Full Days Peak Week £800

6 Half Days (4 hours either morning or afternoon) £395

3 Hour Evening Babysitting Session £40


T4 Contact