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Tue 26

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Wed 27

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Thu 28

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Fri 29

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Val d'Isere Resort Information & FAQ's

Val d'Isere


We appreciate that you may not know very much about the resort you are travelling to, so we have put together a really handy page of useful information about Val d'Isere.  


WiFi Access out and about

There is WiFi available in our chalets, but if you prefer to be out and about there is free access to the internet at the Tourism Offices and most hotels and bars offer WiFi, which some charge for. Most bars advertise their WiFi in their windows and require a code - it is always a good idea to buy a drink if you are using their WiFi.


Where to Stay

There are a number of accommodation options in Val d'isere from catered chalets to hotels and self catered apartments. Popular dates get booked early and school holidays are popular so it is important to book early. You can book any of these properties in Val d'Isere with Powder White, simple browse your required property type from the menu at the top.




Pistes & Connectability


For someone not used to the squiggly lines on a piste map, here are the colours of piste explained. Everyone will have their favourite piste runs and discovering them is part of the excitement, but here are a few of our favourite runs that we highly recommend.


Val D'Isere Piste Map




In Val d'Isere there is no need to use your car. Just take the bus, it's free of charge and very convenient!  The Train Rouge (red route) runs from La Daille at one end of Val d'Isere to the main lift area, and then from here to Le Fornet at the other end of Val d'Isere.  There are 2 other bus routes connecting the quieter Manchet Valley and Bellevarde area to the Solaise lift area.
The Train Rouge runs from:
8.30am - 17:30pm every 5/6 minutes.
17:30pm - 20:00pm every 10 minutes on La Daille line, and every 15 minutes on Le Fornet line.
20:00pm - 02:00am every 15 minutes




Pedestrians are the priority in Val d’Isere and in the resort centre there is a traffic operation in process to decrease the number of vehicles. There are a number of car parks dotted around the resort and clear signs at the entrance showing the number of spaces available. It is highly recommended that you book your car parking space in advance – here www.parking valdisere.com or contact the offices here – contact@parkingvaldisere.com
The police municipal are very hot on issuing tickets to cars for unauthorised parking!
Tel: +33 (0) 479 06 07 44 for information only. No phone bookings.



Val d’isere Centre Car Park
Face de Bellevarde Car Park
La Daille Car Park
Plaine de la Daille Car Park
Laisinant Car Park
Manchet Car Park