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Extreme Skiing

Extreme Skiing




Powder White Extreme Holidays in Val d'Isere and Verbier

Prices from £679 per person

For some people the buzz and thrill of skiing down a mountain just isn’t enough to satisfy their adrenaline needs. Powder White have put together a holiday package aimed at those looking to experience some of the Alps more exhilarating offerings.
Choose your stay in either Chalet Hokkaido, Val d’Isere or Chalet Rendezvous, Verbier and enjoy the following activities as part of your Powder White holiday:

Ice Driving/Karting

Driving in the snow is most people’s worst nightmare but when you have a purpose built track and the right vehicle this sport is a huge amount of fun. Enjoy power sliding and drifting around the tracks or going head to head with other drivers in an all out ice karting race. 



The concept here is quite simple. You are basically harnessed to an instructor who has what can only be described as an oversized parachute on his back. You then point your skis towards the edge of the mountain and off you go. Once airborne you can enjoy some of the most spectacular views of the Alps that are truly breathtaking.

Ice Climbing

The two words don’t seem to go together  but with the right location and the right equipment this can be one of the most challenging, exhilarating and satisfying sports in the Alps.

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