As we approach the end of what would have been Powder White’s 19th ski season, we have finally had a chance to reflect on what has been the most difficult year for all of us.

How Things Change…

There is no doubt that the combination of Brexit and Covid-19 has changed skiing holidays immeasurably. Where many have failed, others have managed to survive the rollercoaster ride. One thing is for certain though, the future of our much-loved industry has changed.

The performance by our partners in the EU and their failure to deliver a vaccine rollout is absolutely baffling. Let’s hope they can get over the UK’s breakaway as quickly as possible and start to act responsibly & efficiently. Then we’ll have a chance to travel to mainland Europe again.

It does seem that the tide is turning so we must remain hopeful that we will soon hear the snow crunching under our feet or the warmth of Mediterranean sand between our toes.

Traffic Light System for Travel

Boris is being rather guarded about the easing of travel restrictions. He does though seem eager to move forward towards the key travel date of May 17th ‘21. Whilst we do not yet know the intricacies of the proposed traffic light system, overseas holidays will once again be on the cards.

The Inevitability of Vaccine Passports

It is increasingly clear and accepted that these will be introduced for international travel. We can only hope they stop at this. The thought of having my G&T tracked at a pub is filling me with fear! Combined with multi-testing, continuation of face-coverings and an element of social distancing, we will succeed and be free to travel again soon.

Package Holidays – Media Hype?

On a perhaps slightly controversial note; do not be fooled by the media hype surrounding the necessity to book all-inclusive package holidays. It does not mean you are automatically protected any more than if you put a holiday together yourself. It is after all the accommodation and travel supplier terms that apply in each and every case. And as these have now changed beyond measure, so has the Terms & Conditions landscape. This means our money is protected in case of supplier cancellation, particularly due to Covid-19.

Let’s Move Forward

As for Ski Season 2021/22 – be assured, it will go ahead. The resorts will be ready and adapt to whatever measures are in place at the time. Supplier Terms have been updated for Covid-19 closures so your money is safe if your holiday is cancelled. And now with refund guarantee on multiple holiday accommodations up to just 28 days prior to arrival, the options are endless.

Be warned though. You will need to book soon. With the loss of the 20/21 ski season and numerous bookings being rolled over into 21/22, many properties are now either SOLD OUT or close to selling out. The pent-up demand & desire to return to the sport we all love so much is huge.

Is 21/22 the season to head off the beaten track or consider a lower season week?

Powder White’s impressive property portfolio is growing by the day and with one of the largest selections of skiing holidays available in the The Alps & North America, why not secure your holiday now and dream of the bluebird days to come.

Let’s Do This!

All the best

Claire Freeland, Director

PS. Enjoy the pub and your haircuts next week one and all !