8th January 2021…

This week has sadly brought the news that none of us wanted to hear – many of our wonderful ski resorts are not able to open this month due to the ongoing difficulties surrounding Covid-19.

We at Powder White completely understand the need for these continued measures and are mindful of the struggles people are facing. Speaking with many of our guests over recent days, they too realise the tricky situation we all find ourselves in. So thank you to all of you, for your patience and for being flexible with your ski holiday plans.

We would also like to extend our best wishes to all our partners & suppliers with whom we work so closely. They really are suffering and the current cost to the French economy alone is estimated to be in the region of €1.7 billion. A worrying figure for all those businesses and individuals involved in this wonderful sport of ours. Our thoughts are with everyone.

An update on the current situation:

1. France:

There will be a Government review on 20th January so a decision will be made whether resorts can open on 5th February. There are also due to be updates on entry requirements for UK holidaymakers as, for the moment, this is also restricted. See FCDO Travel Advice-France.

2. Austria:

Remains closed to holidaymakers and entry restrictions are in place which require quarantine on arrival. There is currently no official review date due to the country being placed into another lockdown. FCDO Travel Advice-Austria.

3. Switzerland:

A few resorts remain open for limited skiing only and after much negative (and incorrect) press over recent days, it remains to be seen whether this will continue. Tighter restrictions are due shortly and a Government review on 13th January is planned. FCDO Travel Advice-Switzerland.

4. Andorra:

Some resorts have recently opened their lifts for local skiers only. The good news is that they are hoping to open their slopes to some holidaymakers this weekend. FCDO Travel Advice-Andorra.

5. Italy:

The reopening of its ski resorts has been postponed until later this month at the earliest. The suggested date is 18th January. FCDO Travel Advice-Italy.

6. Canada & USA:

Are sadly off-limits due to strict entry requirements and a review of this has yet to be set. FCDO Travel Advice-Canada & USA.

We will continue to post updates here on our Blog. In the meantime, we must all try to remain positive during these difficult times. With a combined effort to work together, we can do this!

Stay Home, Stay Safe…

Wishing you all the very best,

The Team at Powder White Ltd