If you’re looking for reassurance about the ski season, read on… Closing ski resorts is not an option. You will be going!

This weeks headlines are causing a few of us to get a little jittery about our upcoming holidays. But British skiers heading to the mountains this winter have been assured that their holidays will go ahead.

Thankfully our nation has been brilliant in getting vaccinated so we will be welcome in Europe & North America this winter. There will naturally be Covid protocols in place, something we have all got used to living with by now.

Here’s a comprehensive guide which should answer some of the questions you may currently have.  

Preparation is Key

The Rules & Regulations:

Be ready for some changes to your holiday experience. Face coverings will remain mandatory when queuing for or riding lifts. But the great news is, not when you’re out enjoying the slopes. You are also likely to be asked to wear them when moving around restaurants, shops and communal areas in hotels. Make sure you take a good supply, the mountains may be cold, but skiing is pretty hot work!

The NHS App is accepted under the relevant local Covid Pass rules. Having your NHS Covid Pass (& QR Code) downloaded to your phone will make your life so much easier. Make sure you keep your phone charged. You will need your Covid Pass to enter restaurants, cafes and bars although current information suggests that it will not need to be shown when doing your shopping or renting ski equipment. Nor will you need it on ski lifts, although be aware that this could change if cases rise. If this does happen, checks will be done when purchasing ski passes, at the beginning of ski lessons and at random at the entrance to the ski lifts. 

How about Families?

If you’re travelling with teenagers or those over 65, the system starts to get a little more complicated. Children aged 12 & over are included in the local Covid Pass rules. This means any family travelling with teenagers will all need to be double-jabbed – somewhat a problem when the UK is only offering single doses, albeit 16 & 17 year olds are now encouraged to go for their second jab. As an alternative, they are required to obtain negative PCR or Lateral Flow Tests every 72 hours. These will be available in local pharmacies and specialist testing sites across the resorts. For the over-65s, a third booster will be mandatory 15th December, however where this is not the case, they can also partake in the 72-hour testing option.  

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Have a few questions? We’ve got answers!

How are checks on the passes implemented around resorts?
The health pass is controlled by the managers of each facility. They will scan the QR Code on your NHS app. This is completely compliant with the local rules and will be recognised without any difficulty. It really will be incredibly simple and fast.
What impact did the closure last winter have on resorts?
Thanks to the unprecedented support measures implemented by local Governments, the mountain economy has held up and is absolutely ready to go again. They continue to invest significant resources into promoting new tourism that is more sustainable, more resilient and adaptable to the diversity of the mountain regions.
How has Brexit impacted the presence of operators in resorts?
The combination of Brexit & Covid (the so-called “perfect storm”) has undoubtedly had an impact on capacity, and catered chalets in particular. The friendship between EU Countries and the British remains in tact and we will be warmly welcomed as normal.
Are resorts looking forward to the return of skiers?
The resorts cannot wait to get going. They are expecting a great season and since their abrupt closure in March 2020, it is no surprise that bookings are coming in thick & fast. There is no sign that current rules will deter British skiers. These are in place for a reason and we have all, by now, got very used to “living with Covid.”

A Final Word of Confidence from Us:

There is no doubt that times have been tough for everyone, however our industry is ready for the biggest season of its life. We continue to speak to our people on the ground in order to research the latest updates so we can keep you informed. Given the continual assurances from our partners & local government officials, we remain 100% certain that the season is going ahead. Have faith everyone. It will.

That then leads us to perhaps the most FAQ of all… Will apres-ski be back to normal this winter? Yes, as back to normal as is possible. Its just that this winter it may be more hot chocolate & mulled wine rather than table dancing and shots. Sounds rather heavenly to us… If you’ve not yet booked, why not have a browse of our impressive accommodation portfolio at www.powderwhite.com or give one of our friendly Ski Specialists a call on 020 8877 8888