These travel restrictions and rules are confusing to say the least aren’t they…

In the UK, we still find ourselves in a state of flux regarding Travel and whilst it seems that things are improving everyday, it seems the mystery surrounding what we are and aren’t allowed to do just gets more and more baffling.

So, in a bid to try and clear some of this up:

  1. We, in the UK, are currently not allowed to travel abroad.
  2. Only in exceptional circumstances and with a legally permitted reason to do so, can we.
  3. If we try, we will be turned back. Something a group of skiers found to their detriment recently at St Pancras. Or how about the lady who tried to get the Eurostar to Paris for a yoga class. Really??

And if by some miracle we did succeed in breaking the UK rules, quite frankly we’re not welcome anywhere!

  • France: Borders are closed to UK nationals except those with residency. See Rules.
  • Austria: A landing ban is in place for all flights from the UK until 21st February. This is likely to be extended. See Entry Requirements.
  • Switzerland: Limited flights still operate but UK nationals are not allowed entry due to us being considered “high-risk”. We are also outside the Schengen area.
  • Italy: The poor Italian resorts. They tried to open but failed. No entry to UK nationals before 5th March earliest. Italian Government Questionnaire for Entry.
  • Canada: Very limited access for workers & residents only. Strict arrival rules apply.
  • USA: No-one is allowed entry if they have been in the UK, Ireland, Schengen zone, Iran, Brazil, China or South Africa within the previous 14 days. Entry requirements.

Where do we go from here?

This just confirms that skiing holidays are currently off limits I’m afraid. And are sadly likely to be for the remainder of the 2020/21 ski season. Resorts continue to hope for reopening in March, but they too are resigned to the inevitable.

Now for the confusion about Red List Country Arrivals:

There is no ski destination country on the list. Good news. This means no enforced government approved hotel quarantine at a costly Β£1750!

Having spoken to many of our valued customers over recent days, some are worried about these rules continuing. Things are getting better very quickly and we don’t for a moment believe these restrictions will be in place for the 2021/22 ski season, even if any of our ski destination countries were to be temporarily added to this list now.

Vaccines & “Covid Passports”:

We are of course still unsure about the need for proof of vaccine. Only time will tell on this point so all we can do is recommend that everyone be prepared and take up the vaccine when offered. This way, we will all be able to travel safely and securely again and we will all ski once more.

And on one final note…

All of us have been through the most difficult time, not least The Travel Industry and The Ski Industry. We are seeing a massive uplift in enquiries and yesterday, 17th February 2021, brought our highest February sales day ever. Confidence is definitely returning, the Desire to Ski has never been stronger and things really are getting booked up already (not matter how much the trolls would lead you to believe they’re not!).

Thank you to all of you who have booked already – your support really is hugely appreciated.

All the best

Claire Freeland,
Co-Owner Powder White Ltd