5 Benefits To Booking Your Ski Holiday Early

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Last updated on January 19th, 2018 at 05:51 pm

It’s that time of year again. The snow has melted, the ski blues have kicked in and it’s time to put the ski clothes away for another season. However this is a great time got booking your ski holiday early!

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It won’t be long until the school summer holidays are in full swing and you’ll be in the summer spirit not thinking about the mountains but enjoying your time on the beach.


There is there are many benefits to booking a ski holiday early and we have shortlisted the top 5 just for you.

Book it early and then you have something to look forward too and less stress when the season comes back around.

Organisation and Stress Free


It’s a simple human understanding, if you plan something with enough time, it will reduce the shocks and stress of any last minute planning.

More obviously, it gives you and the family something to look forward to, so get ahead, get organised, and beat the competition to the best ski holiday options available this winter.

The earlier you start looking at your choice of resort, hotel, and room the better option you will get.

Think of it as a boxing day sale. If you get their early you get the best pickings, if you turn up late to the party, you will have to make do with something you don’t necessarily want.

At Powder White we want to make sure that every customer and their family gets their first choice.

With this in mind, we recommend giving one of our many holiday experts a call today and they can do all the hard work for you so you don’t have it… Just don’t tell them I said that +44 020 8877 8888

Spreads the costs

What else happens in winter? Christmas, Christmas parties, New Year Eve Parties, Birthdays just to name a few costly events.

By booking now, you can carefully spread the costs over the year. With Powder White you only need to pay 30% of the booking to secure your dream holiday.

If you need new ski gear for next season, start looking now! You can get lots of great deals on clothing and equipment that will save you a bundle of cash!

If you are UK based and you want some good deals, try Ski Bartlett 

This will also help those who are new to skiing then booking your holiday now will give you plenty of time to get in those much needed ski lessons.

UK Indoor Snow Dome

UK Indoor Snow Dome

Hit the dry ski slopes and learn all the tips you need before making your way onto the fresh slopes.

Even if you have skied before a lesson or two could definitely be worth a go if you’re a bit rusty with the added benefit of giving excited kids a taste of what’s to come.

Snatch up the best flight and transfers

Easy jet has proven this with their latest flights out to the key Alps airports for very low prices.

Although you can argue you can get a good deal last minute, this won’t be the case with your accommodation and transfers and could then up end costing more overall.

Feeling lazy?

Just call one of our team today and they can book your flights, transfers, ski pass, lessons at no extra cost.

Save the research for our friendly holiday experts… but don’t tell them George said so… I sit opposite them and they won’t include me in the tea rounds. Click here

They will be more than happy to find you the best deal, closest airport and that suits your timing.


Powder White was made British Airways preferred partner for not only resorts in the Alps but also North America and Canada

British Airways

Made In Chelsea Stars Lucy Watson and James Dunmore.

Don’t settle for second best

Just like I briefly explained earlier, if you book last minute you will have less choice of the accommodation on offer to you.

It will be like opening a box of Christmas Celebration Chocolates and only having the choice of Mars and Bounty. I mean, they are still good but they are no Galaxy!

Bigger savings

To help you get on your way to book your next ski holiday, I have been working on the deal that last years customers wanted more of. Click here to see our ski latest deals 

Ski Accommodation

So there you have it, out top 5 reasons to book your holiday early and get ahead of the crowd.

If you would like more assistance or accommodation advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our holiday experts below.

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