Looking for the best off piste safety tips?

We all have that inner urge to conquer some powder on our holidays, whether that is touring hours up the mountain or just off the side of the piste. At Powder White, we can find your perfect powder hound holiday today.

Off Piste Safety Tips


With the recent snowstorms, I wanted to share my tips and research for keeping safe off-piste. This is where you need to stop and think about these tips to keep you and others safe in the powder.

Off Piste Safety Tips | Powder White.

Get insured!

Get insured

Before you even think about going off the side of the piste poles, make sure your insurance covers off piste skiing as many standard health contracts will not. This is an essential off-piste safety tip.

In many places such as Val d’Isere, you can purchase off piste insurance from the lift office, called Carte Neige coverage. This can be purchased for about €2.70!

I get my off piste insurance from specialist Mcgregor Insurance  – this company is run by keen skiers and offer the most comprehensive cover for all mountain-based eventualities.

Get The Gear

Get The Gear

There are five essentials when going off-piste:

– Transceiver – used to find people buried under the snow.
– Probe – Used to probe down into the snow and located the individual.
– A metal head shovel – why metal? Well, because if you have a cheap plastic shovel, it is more likely to break…then what do you do?
– Rucksack – to carry your equipment..duh. A bag such as Oxtovex is ideal for off-piste.
– Mobile phone – make sure it is fully charged and don’t use all the battery on filming your mates.

abs bags

And there is also a 6th essential… snacks and water! 

I had only recently purchased a Camelbak, and I can honestly say, it is a life saver for keeping me hydrated throughout the day, especially after a night out.

TIP – keep it next to your bed for those sore head mornings.

Snacks are also vital to keep your hunger at bay and provide you with the energy you are burning off in the backcountry.

I use Tribe bars as they are full of natural energy and taste good too, as some energy bars can offer a sugary and stale taste. They are designed for endurance sports, so long days on the mountain makes they ideal.

Tribe Bar
Tribe Bar

Get The Training

The most important off piste safety tip has to be the training!

So you have all the gear.. but no idea! That’s not going to help your friends under the snow. There are many online videos, courses and tutorials to help you become confident with your gear and knowledge of avalanche safety. I completed a Henry’s Avalanche Talks online course which was very helpful in making me feel confident in my skiing but also the safety of others around me.

You can greatly reduce the chances of having an accident (and have more fun) off-piste with these simple reminders


This is a great video by Red Bull ‘Know Before You Go’:

Take 15 minutes out of your busy day to watch and learn the basics.

Get Your Mates

There is a common saying “NO FRIENDS ON POWDER DAYS!” What a load of Rubbish!

1. If you get caught in an avalanche, who will rescue you?
2. Why would you want to take up all the powder when you can’t share the excitement and experience with them.

Don’t go it alone, enjoy the ride with your friends.

Make sure you’re with people who are the same level as you as there is nothing worse than taking someone with you who cannot keep up – it’ll ruin both your days. Get people you know and trust – people that can keep you safe and also have a great time with.

1 Inch Is Not Good Enough…

Just because it has started to snow in resort doesn’t mean it will protect you and your skis or snowboard from what lies beneath. Those rocks and tree stumps will still be there.

Let a good base layer settle in the areas that have been bare. Don’t be tempted to follow others who think they will get the best snow when it has only just fallen. Remember, good things come to those who wait.

Get Great Accommodation!

After a long day touring and shredding powder you will want to come back to great food, clean chalet and a comfortable bed to recharge your batteries for the next day!

At Powder White, we offer a range of great accommodation in some of the best powder sure resorts in France, Austria, Canada, Italy just to name a few.

skye, Val d'Isere - Catered Chalet
skye, Val d’Isere – Catered Chalet

I hope you found my off piste safety tips helpful and if you are looking for a ski holiday this season, let it be Powder White to help you find your perfect trip.

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