Ski Holiday Tips

Here are 21 obvious and not so obvious tips to remember when going away this year.

Which ones are you favourite?

#21. Heat Your Boots!

To soften ski boots for the morning, stand by a radiator or put on heated boot rack. Whatever you do, don’t leave them outside!

Image result for ski boots by radiator
Snug as a bug!

#20. Energy Snacks

Put a chocolate bar/oats bar in your pocket in the morning for that essential mid-morning snack. Try and get a snack with high carbohydrates as it will provide you with more energy.

Battle oats are a great energy provider!

Image result for ski oats bar
chocolate bar/oats

#19. Book Ahead

Make your lunch reservations either before you leave in the morning via phone, or as you ski past the restaurant early in the day – especially if you are a large group.

powder white - ski food
powder white – ski food

#18. Apres Split Ski

When at apres – split your skis with a friend so it prevents them from being stolen – even better, buy a ski lock! 

Related image
The famous La Folie Douce

#17. Cold Days

On a cold day, wear lots of thin layers – you always have the option to take one off – better too hot than too cold…

#16. Watch out!

Before booking or paying anything, check the company is not a fake! It happens a lot and you can read more here

#15. Weather Tips

Keep an eye on the weather forecast – get up early on a forecasted beautiful morning to enjoy untouched pistes and off-piste.

Snow Weather Forecast
Powder White Weather Forecast

#14. Hydrate, before you rehydrate

Drink plenty of water throughout the day, and especially before bed – humidity is very low at high altitude, and you will get very dehydrated, especially after a few shots.


#13. Queuing

Take the inside line on a ski lift queue – and sharpen your elbows  – to minimise queue times.

Image result for busy chair lift

#12. Late Lunch

Take a late lunch – and enjoy quieter slopes whilst everyone else is having lunch (remember to book!)

lunch time!

#11. If you have children

For your kids, put your mobile number in their pocket in case they get lost.

#10. Pre-book

Pre-book lift pass and ski hire to save time. A service Power White offers all their guests to save them time when in the resort.

#9. Ski Schools

Always book your ski school when you book your holiday – availability can get very tight.


#8. Lunch in the sun

Remember to take a pair of sunglasses with you for lunch – eating lunch in your goggles is not a good look!

#7. Don’t be a Jerry

Never ski with your jacket open – a ‘flappy jacket’ is a sure sign of a novice Brit skier! Other things to avoid – ski pants tucked into boots and a goggle gap – not cool!

#6. Queuing

When on the chairlift – put your goggles on your head/helmet for a nice even +face tan!


#5. Red and crusty

Don’t forget sunscreen and lip balm – otherwise, your face will look like a tomato with crusty lips by the end of the day – not so nice!

#4. Ski Pass

At the start of the holiday, put your ski pass in your jacket pocket and leave it there – then there is no danger of leaving it in your accommodation.

#3. SHOTS!

It is perfectly normal to start doing shots at 2 pm in Austria.

northland boy

#2. Ski Boot Tip

Do your boots up before you walk to the ski lift in the morning – it will help make the plastic more flexible and make it more comfortable by the time you start skiing.

#1. Be safe out there

Wear a helmet – these days it is odd not too. Invest in a good helmet (£80-£100), it could save your life one day.

ski goggles
Copyright David de Lossy

I hope you found these tips useful and if you would like to get more advice on your ski holiday, please enquire below.