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    • Too hot to ski!

      I mean, who wants to ski when the sun is always out, everyone is in jumpers, t-shirts… or topless!


    • Unexpected Powder Dumps.

      Taken by one of our guests last year. Powder? In Spring?

      I didn’t come here for this #sunshine #slush #dump #valdisere #ski #alps #snow

      A video posted by Dan A (@dandanois) on


      And if it’s not snowing, it’s too much sunshine. Look what happened to this poor guy.

    • People Apres Ski more than actual ski

      Looks pretty dull to me…

      apres ski Avoriaz


    • The days are longer, no time to have fun.

      St Anton, Snow Volleyball

      David Andre, Courchevel
      David Andre, Courchevel
    • The views are tiresome…

      Sunrise, St Anton, April 2016.
      Courchevel ¦ Powder White
      Sunset, Courchevel

    • Nothing ever happens in resort

      Ischgl end of season party…I’ve seen bigger crowds.

      Ischgl end of season party
    • And because of all of this … Everyone is unhappy

      Austrian locals
      Austrian locals St Anton

      and desperate for the summer to come back around.

      Val d’Isere, Snow Golf

You should really never ski in the spring, because……

You will enjoy it far too much and never want to leave!


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