Flaine Resort History

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The site was discovered in 1959 by the geophysicist Éric Boissonnas and the Swiss architect Gérard Chervaz.

He then went on to succeed in their bid to create a fine example of urban development, architecture and design, where short-term profitability would be second to aesthetics and care of the environment.

The construction of the resort was not without difficulty.

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Chappis and Pradelle left after Breuer joined the team, Boissonnas fell out with the government official in charge of planning France’s winter sports industry and when local landowners found out that Boissonnas was a billionaire. They then threatened to block the building of the access road to the resort until they received adequate compensation.

The result was a three-year delay and huge cost overruns and led to greater state involvement in French ski resort development.

By the time the resort was opened on the 17 January 1969 it had probably cost Boissonnas the equivalent of around $250 million from his personal fortune at 2005 prices.

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