Les Carroz Restaurants

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Last updated on October 17th, 2017 at 12:41 pm

Looking for the best Les Carroz restaurants this season?

We know how important refuelling is on a ski holiday and Les Carroz does not disappoint on the gastronomy front.

Les Servages d’Armelle

+33 4 50 90 01 62 This is the star of the village but it does come at a cost.The place is beautiful, classy and cosy with a very welcoming atmosphere.The service is highly efficient and all staff have a great knowledge of what wines work with each dish. The menu is designed around locally sourced ingredients and beautifully presented.It is best to dress for the occasion as you might feel a bit of our place in just t-shirt and jeans.

Les Servages d'Armelle carroz food

Les Servages d’Armelle carroz food

La Croix de Savoie

+33 4 50 90 00 26 The quality, presentation, cleanliness and wine list are excellent! If you are looking for a treat of fine dining, La Croiz de Savoie offer just that.It is a good location, no more than 5 mins from the telecabin which makes it convenient when staying in one of our Powder White apartments. We would advice it isn’t worth spending out on a glass of champagne on arrival, but rather spending money on the food as it’s too good to miss.

La Croix de Savoie

La Croix de Savoie

Le Poirier

Low cost and it is a 5 minute walk from the central square. What more can you ask for? The pizza menu is very innovative in the way they put ingredients together and the pizzas themselves are huge. The desserts are also great and beautifully presented. If it is value for money you are after, this is a great restaurant to book.

 le poirier les carroz

le poirier les carroz

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