Montgenèvre remains less known than other ski areas and therefore often quieter during the peak periods.

The Ski resort of Montgenèvre dates from 1907.

In February 2007 the birth of France’s eldest winter sport resort was marked by the village’s organisation of the first International ski competition, celebrating 100 years of high society sports events and an evolution which have been celebrated with pride all throughout last winter season.

The ski resort has an attractive village lined on either side by Alpine forests and compactly organised.

Its stone buildings are clustered around a small church, and the atmosphere is both traditional and cheerful.

Montgenèvre is more than just winter and summer sports and boasts many historical landmarks.

Destroyed during the fire started by the Duke of Savoie’s troups, then rebuilt during the 18th century, its architecture is of typical Italian inspiration.

The characteristic church tower with its “fanal” is the exact copy of the oil lamp hung up to the original bracket which guided the lost travellers in the fog or in snow storms.

The restoration of its 19th century frescos was achieved in December 2005.The church has also been restored in 2006.

Another way to enjoy this resort is to explore the events & activities of this resort.

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