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Want to know how to do a 360 on Skis? It is not as difficult as you think. If you are an intermediate skier, you may feel it’s time to learn a few more skills & tricks so let us describe how to do a 360. Of course put safety first and ensure you have the correct safety gear on and that the slopes are clear of other skiers (just in case you fall on your butt).

360 on Skis


Learn How to do a 360 on Skis

• On approaching the jump, try to relax, but focus on what your are trying to achieve.

• Just before the jump, bring your hands down and back, the further you bring them back the further you can through them forward for more spin!

• Squat down, your legs acting as springs ready to launch yourself.

• Many of people will find the easiest way turn is to their left. When the tip of your binding is about to go off the jump, push down with your legs, spin your upper body in the direction you want to spin the trick and look over your shoulder.

• Keep on spinning with your head fixed in the direction and try to you are spinning and relax.

360 Diagram

• Once you find yourself coming around, pull  your arms in and turn your head to fix the landing and focus on it.

• Whip your legs around and bring them to a shoulder width apart so you are stable.

• Try to maintain your weight going forward for a smooth landing


That’s all you need to do. it may seem daunting at first, but why not try a few small jumps to begin with. For more pointers and video instruction, see this great video by SkiingAddiction on You Tube.

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