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We know how important refuelling is on a ski holiday and St Anton does not disappoint on the gastronomy front.

St Anton isn’t all about the skiing they have some fantastic restaurants serving a variety of dishes; from traditional Savoyard classics through pizzas, there is something to suit most tastes.

These remarkable restaurants range from the affordable to the exceedingly expensive!

We have taken the time to list all the restaurants both on and off the mountain that we think are worth paying a visit, many of which we have had the pleasure of eating in.

Hospiz Alm

+43 5446 3625

Hospiz Alm

Hospiz Alm

The Arlberg Hospiz is a hotel found in the little town of St Christophe in Arlberg 1800.

Located here is the lovely and hugely popular Hospiz Alm restaurant.

With its expansive sun terrace which fills everyday with those taking a break from the slopes, and its large tables indoors for those wishing to have a rowdier lunch around a large fire, it’s the perfect combination of traditional Austrian charm and excellent alpine cuisine.

Not to mention there’s a slide down to the wine cellar and bathrooms so there can’t be any accidents with people falling over in ski boots!

We recommend the Tiroler Grostl, their warming goulash soup.

Rendl Restaurant

+43 5446 2352550

rendl restaurant

Rendl Restaurant

The Rendl restaurant is a great choice for those who love to catch some rays on their breaks!

With its very own beach (which has its own Beach Bar & menu outside) it’s the perfect spot to take a break and watch the world go by.

The restaurant itself is bright, airy and open plan, with the open kitchen so you can see all the local produced being created.

It’s a great choice for children, with delicious burgers and grilled meats. Its traditional ceramic ovens contrasted with its contemporary glass and wooden interiors make it cosy and welcoming yet sleek.

Also one of the best self-service restaurants in the St Anton am Arlberg ski area.

Alber’s Rodelalm and Robi’s Rodelstall

+43 676 886486200

Alber's Rodelalm and Robi's Rodelstall

Alber’s Rodelalm and Robi’s Rodelstall

The Rodelalm and Rodelstall is a truly unique experience.

This toboggan hut and barn are old converted mountain huts.

There’s ample atmosphere and rustic charm.

Found at the bottom of the toboggan run, the Alm is open from 11am until the Alber family take a toboggan home! Usually around 5.30pm.

The stall then opens for dinner at 6pm. Lunch at the Alm is great sat on the sunny terrace and the Stall is most popular on Tuesdays and Thursdays when there’s the option of night time tobogganing!


+43 5446 2352501



This award winning restaurant is a favourite, even winning two prestigious toque awards.

Set over 2,000m above sea level and serving a candlelit, with a night time gondola ride on the Galzigbahn and live piano music every Thursday this is a restaurant for a special occasion.

Set with the mountains as its backdrop and enjoying the ambience under the stars this truly is a magical experience.

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