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La Grange au Merle, 5 star - Chatel

Terms and Conditions

Accommodation Terms

Terms and Conditions (Sept 2021)

Your Booking with The Supplier is subject to the Booking Form and these Terms and

Conditions, which set out the respective rights and obligations of both parties in relation to Your


By completing the Booking Form and confirming the Insurance Indemnity you are accepting these

Terms and Conditions and agreeing to the Insurance Indemnity on behalf of the members of your


Please read Your Booking Form and these Terms and Conditions set out below carefully before

booking your holiday with The Supplier.

1. Definitions

In these terms and conditions

A. ‘You’ or 'Your' or ‘Party Leader’ means the first named person on the Booking Form (who must be

at least 18 years old).

B. ’We’ or ‘Our’, ‘Us’ or 'the Company' refers to The Supplier, Company No. 541879,

registered in Scotland, Companies House Edinburgh.

C. 'Your party' means each person included in Your Booking Form, including You.

D. 'Guest(s)' refers to any person(s) staying at one of our properties within the check-in and checkout

times during the Booking Period.

E. ‘Booking Form’ means the MyBooking online booking system or paper or email equivalent forms

submitted by You to Us in relation to Your Booking.

F. ‘Booking Fees’ means the amount shown in your Booking Form, which shall comprise either a

Single Payment or a Booking Deposit and Balance Payment.

G. ‘Holiday Commencement Date’ means the start date of your holiday, shown on your Booking


H. 'Booking Period' means the period after the check in time in the holiday commencement date to

the check out time on the day of departure.

I. ‘Self-Catered Package’ means a Booking where Guests will not receive or benefit from

housekeeping, driving or catering services provided by Us or Our staff.

2. Your Booking

a. You agree and acknowledge that, as the Party Leader, You are;

i. the first named person on the Booking Form

ii. over 18 years old at the date of submission of the Booking Form

iii. authorised to make the Booking on behalf of each person included in Your Booking Form

iv. You are responsible for the payment of all Booking Fees.

b. All Guests over the age of 18 at the date of submission of the Booking Form are jointly and

severally parties to the contract and are bound to these Terms and Conditions.

3. Booking Fees

a. You shall pay the Booking Fees in accordance with the Payment Schedule shown on the Booking

From and these Terms and Conditions.

b. Unless otherwise agreed where the Payment Schedule includes a Booking Deposit and Balance

Payment, You shall pay;

i. the Booking Deposit, representing 30% of the Booking Fees

ii. the Booking Balance no later than the date shown in your Booking Form and at least ten

weeks prior to your holiday start date.

c. Where the Payment Schedule includes a Single Payment, You shall pay the amount of the Single

Payment in full immediately. Single Payments will be required in each case where the Booking

Form is submitted less than ten weeks before the holiday Commencement Date.

4. Failure to Pay or submit Booking Form

a. If We do not receive Your fully completed Booking Form within seven calendar days of receipt of

Your Booking Deposit, We reserve the right to refund Your deposit in full and re-advertise the

Booking Period.

b. If We do not receive all Payments due in full and on or before the end of the relevant payment

period, we shall have the right to cancel your Booking as if cancelled by You, in accordance with

Clause 11 of these Terms and Conditions. Accordingly, You may not receive any or all of Your

Booking Deposit or other amounts previously paid to Us and, in addition, We may have the right

to recoup any additional charges incurred by Us as a result of Your failure to pay.

5. Commencement Date

a. This agreement shall come into force on the date on which We send you a Confirmation Email,

which confirms that We have received your Booking Form and Booking Deposit or Single

Payment, as applicable.

6. Confirmation Email

a. Please check all the information contained in Your MyBooking web pages carefully to ensure the

details are correct and advise Us immediately of any discrepancies.

b. All Guests must be accurately named on the Booking Form.

c. Any changes to Your Booking shall be considered in accordance with Clause 9 below. We shall

not be obliged to accept the addition of any additional Guests at any time.

7. Indemnity

a. You must indemnify us against all liabilities, costs and consequences that may arise as a result of

you not being adequately insured.

8. Changes to Booking Fees and other costs

a. We reserve the right to make changes to and correct errors in advertised prices in respect of Your

Booking Fees at any time before we send You a Confirmation Email.

b. We will promptly notify You of any error of which we are aware and of the impact on You.

c. Once we have sent You a Confirmation Email, we will not make any change to Your Booking


d. Costs charged by suppliers with whom you have a separate contract, even if arranged by us on

Your behalf, may be subject to change e.g. ski lessons, equipment hire, ski lift passes.

e. Surcharges. On and from the Commencement Date, we shall apply the ABTA rule on surcharges

as follows:

i. The price of your travel arrangements is subject to surcharge in the event of your costs

increasing due to government action such as increases in VAT, or any other government

imposed increases or adverse exchange rate variations. In such case, we will absorb

increases up to a total amount equivalent to 2% of Your Booking Fee

ii. Amounts in excess of 2% of your Booking Fee will be subject to surcharge.

iii. If the surcharge is equal to or more than 10% of Your Booking Fees you will be entitled to

cancel your holiday with a full refund of all money paid to us, excluding any amounts paid

to third party service providers. Should you decide to cancel in this situation you must do

so within 14 days from the issue date printed on the invoice.

9. Amendments by You

a. If You wish to alter Your Booking, You should inform Us as soon as possible. Should you decide

to alter Your Booking after the date of Our Confirmation Email, We will not be obliged to accept

such changes. You will be liable for any increased costs resulting from any change.

b. If you wish to alter Your Booking within 10 weeks of Your holiday Commencement Date, We

reserve the right to treat it as a cancellation and our cancellation charges will apply.

c. If any person in Your Party is prevented from traveling, You may transfer their place to someone

else, subject to our prior approval and provided always that we are notified of any proposed

transfer not less than two weeks before arrival.

10. Special Requests and Medical Problems

a. If You, or any person in Your Party, has a medical problem or disability which may affect Your

holiday please tell us on or before you submit Your Booking Form so that we can advise as to the

suitability of the chosen arrangements.

b. You must give us details of any special requests in writing at the time of submission of Your

Booking Form. Whilst we will endeavour to meet any reasonable requests wherever possible we

cannot guarantee that they will be fulfilled and any failure to do so, will not constitute a breach of

contract on Our part, regardless of the reasons of such failure.

11. Cancellation by You

a. Should You or any person in Your Party need to cancel Your holiday You must notify Us by email

(in writing) immediately.

b. Notification of cancellation will be accepted only from the Party Leader

c. Notification of cancellation will be effective from the date when it is received by us in writing.

d. We are not liable for any cancellation being delayed, misdirected, or errors when sending.

e. Cancellation charges are calculated as a percentage of the holiday Booking Fees including all

additional supplements, in addition to which will be added all fees paid or liabilities incurred by Us

on behalf of Your party for services provided by third parties. If you cancel your booking, the

following charges will apply:

• More than 10 weeks prior to arrival Loss of deposit

• Within 10 weeks prior to arrival 60% of Booking Fees + 100% of third party fees & liabilities

• Within 6 weeks prior to arrival 80% of Booking Fees + 100% of third party fees & liabilities

• Within 4 weeks prior to arrival 100% of Booking Fees + 100% of third party fees & liabilities

f. In the case of a whole chalet booking where an individual cancellation reduces the number of full

paying party members, the price for the booking will remain the same. You and Your Party are

recommended to take out insurance offering protection against cancellation.

g. The Cancellation charges set out above in this section do not apply if You or Your party made the

Booking through a partner site or agent and where You or Your party have agreed to terms that

are more stringent at the point in time of Us receiving notification of cancellation than those

enclosed here.

12. Insurance cover

a. You confirm that You and each person in Your Party holds an insurance policy which provides

adequate cover including but not limited to winter sports and medical cover and must include 24

hour telephone and repatriation cover.

b. It is Your responsibility to ensure the insurance cover You purchase is suitable and adequate for

the particular requirements. In the event of any emergency should You or any member(s) of Your

Party not have adequate insurance cover, it must be understood that you will be responsible for

any costs or organisation involved.

c. We do not accept any liability in the event that You do not have adequate insurance cover.

13. Alteration or cancellation by Us

a. We reserve the right to alter any holiday arrangements as necessary.

b. In the unlikely event that We have to make changes to or cancel Your holiday we will try to notify

you as soon as possible (except in the case of ‘Force Majeure’ as defined below and providing

you have given us a telephone number and e-mail address by which you can be contacted during

and out of working hours).

c. If We have to cancel or make a significant change to Your holiday You can choose to accept the

change or take a full refund of monies paid to us.

d. A significant change is one We make to Your holiday arrangements before the commencement of

the booking period that involves changing your accommodation. All other changes will be treated

as minor changes.

Notification Cancellation charge

More than 10 weeks prior to arrival Loss of deposit

Within 10 weeks prior to arrival 60% of Booking Fees + 100% of third party fees & liabilities

Within 6 weeks prior to arrival 80% of Booking Fees + 100% of third party fees & liabilities

Within 4 weeks prior to arrival 100% of Booking Fees + 100% of third party fees & liabilities

e. Force Majeure

i. We regret We cannot accept liability where the performance or prompt performance of our

contractual obligations is prevented or affected by reason of circumstances amounting to

‘Force Majeure’. Such events may include (by way of example and not by way of

limitation) war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural

or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions and all similar events.

14. Payments

a. Payments are accepted by bank transfer or credit card. Bank transfers and credit card payments

may have fees levied by your bank and these must be paid by You.

b. All payments in respect of Your Booking Fees and any other costs related to Your booking shall

be made in the currency of Your invoice, usually GBP pounds sterling (£) or EUR euro (€). Other

costs paid on your behalf by Us in euro will be invoiced in euro or sterling. Where the invoice is

in pounds sterling the exchange rate will be set by Us and You will be notified of this rate.

c. All payments must be made by one of the methods available in the MyBooking platform (i.e. by

credit or debit card) or by Bank Transfer to the bank details provided on the booking invoice.

d. Note: Any additional expenses incurred during your holiday are due in euros before departure in

cash or by credit card if agreed by email with Us.

15. Check-in/Check-out

a. Check-in time at the chalet is 4pm (16:00) on the holiday commencement date.

b. Check-out time from the chalet is 10am (10:00) on the day of departure although we ask that

guests vacate their rooms by 9am.

c. We will endeavour to help guests arriving early with ski passes and receiving equipment but this

facility cannot be guaranteed.

16. Transfers/Transport

a. Transfers to and from Geneva airport can be arranged by Us and will be on your behalf.

b. The transfer company will ultimately decide the schedule based on each guests’ flight time and

their service agreements with the Company and will be responsible for liaising directly with you.

c. The resort vehicle(s) and chauffeur service are provided to guests for transfers within the Chatel

ski resort area between 08.00 and 17.00. The scheduling of transport will be determined by

chalet staff to best accommodate all guests and while guarantees of pick up and drop off times

cannot be given there will be a best effort to deliver and collect guests at the times desired.

Particular attention will be given to those with early morning lessons.

d. The resort vehicle is a gratuitous service and any guest travelling in a resort vehicle does so at

their own risk.

17. Weather

a. The Company accepts no responsibility for any delays or losses suffered as a result of adverse

weather conditions.

18. Liability

a. We do not accept liability for the actions or omissions of those involved in the accommodation

arrangements over whom We have no direct control and/or who are not employed by the

Company either as Our servants or agents including, but not limited to, persons providing

services namely airlines, bus companies, train companies, ferry operators, mountain guides, ski

lift companies, ski schools, taxi operators, the owners or operators of any vehicle, aircraft or

equipment or any of their proprietors or employees.

b. We do not accept responsibility if You suffer injury, illness or death unless it is due to negligence

of our employees, acting in the course of their employment. We do not accept responsibility for

injury, illness or death caused by Your own actions or omissions, by any unforeseeable or

unavoidable event, or by any third person not connected with the provision of You and Your

Party's holiday which We could not have predicted or avoided. If You or a member(s) of Your

Party does suffer injury, illness or death due to misadventure as a result of an activity which does

not form part or your contracted holiday arrangement, We will provide You with reasonable

assistance and guidance. You and Your Party are each responsible at all times for all Your own

personal belongings, documents and ski equipment (including hired equipment). The Company

will not arrange Your travel by sea, rail or air and accordingly the Company cannot accept

responsibility for injury or loss suffered as a result of the acts or omissions of the providers of

such services. Such arrangements are entirely your responsibility.

c. Occasionally hot tubs, saunas and other equipment fails. While we will make every effort to

rectify such problems as quickly as possible these events are by definition outside our control

and we will not accept any liability for their lack of availability.

19. Supervision of children

a. The access to and use of hot tub and sauna must comply with French laws. Children of sixteen

years or younger are not permitted to use the hot tub or sauna without adult supervision.

b. Children sixteen years or younger are not allowed to be left in or around the chalet or a transport

vehicle without adult supervision.

c. Our chalet staff are not available during their working hours to supervise children and/or other

guests. It is your responsibility to ensure that children are correctly supervised and remain safe

within and around the chalet and transport vehicles. We accept no responsibility in this regard.

d. We may recommend or use external service providers for services such as but not limited to

nanny and babysitting services, ski schools, transfer services. You must make your own enquires

as to the qualifications, credentials, insurance and overall suitability of any of such services and

we can accept no responsibility in regard to the security or performance of these services.

20. Local safety standards and suppliers' conditions

a. Please note it is the requirements and standards of the country in which any services which make

up Your holiday are provided which apply to those services and not those of the UK. As a general

rule these requirements and standards will not be the same as the UK and may be lower.

Suppliers provide services which make up Your holiday in accordance with their own terms and

conditions. Some of these terms and conditions may limit or exclude the supplier’s liability to you

usually in accordance with applicable international conventions.

21. Sports & Activities

a. If you ski or snowboard or partake in any activity with or without a representative of the Company,

whether on an organised session or not, the Company cannot take responsibility for any injuries

however caused. At all times Guests must use their own judgements based on their own ability,

and acknowledge that participation is at their own risk. We accept no liability should you choose

to ignore this request.

22. Damage by and behaviour of guests

a. We reserve the right to terminate the holiday arrangements of any Guest who commits a criminal

offence or, in the opinion of our management or staff, is likely to cause distress, annoyance or

danger to any of our other Guests, employees or any third party, or damage to property. In this

situation our responsibility for the holiday of the person concerned will immediately cease and We

will not be liable to pay any compensation, make any refund or meet any expenses that they, You

or other Guests in Your Party or associates may incur as a result. Where applicable, full

cancellation charges will apply.

b. The Company reserves the right to claim back from the Guest or Your Party any costs or charges

incurred due to damage to the chalet whether accidentally caused or not.

c. Guests may not invite or allow those other than Guests of the chalet, chalet staff, employees of

the company or the owners to enter the chalet or the associated grounds without the explicit prior

permission of the staff. Any liability or loss or damage arising from such persons who are granted

permission by staff after representation or by Your Party will be your responsibility.

23. Complaints

a. We make every effort to ensure that you have a trouble free holiday. In the event of a complaint

concerning the holiday You should immediately report it to the Chalet Manager in order to give us

a fair opportunity to investigate the matter. We will naturally do our best to resolve the matter on

the spot. If you remain dissatisfied, the complaint in resort should be followed by a formal notice

of complaint, which must be received by us not later than 28 days after the end of your holiday.

We regret that we cannot accept liability for any claims, which are not notified entirely in

accordance with this clause.

24. Your Responsibilities

a. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have all the necessary travel documents. We regret we

cannot accept any liability if you are refused entry onto any transport or into any country due to

failure on your part to carry correct documentation.

25. Non Smoking Chalet, No Animals or Pets

a. Smoking, including pipes and cigars is not permitted within the chalet or on the balconies.

b. Please note we do not accept animals or pets unless specific approval is given by Us.

26. Alcohol and Drugs Policy

a. Guests may bring alcoholic drinks to the chalet and consume them on the premises only if their

Booking is for a Self-Catering Package. All other Guests shall not bring alcoholic drinks to the

chalet and alcohol consumed on the premises shall only be that supplied by the Company.

b. Guests may not bring other intoxicating substances to the chalet or consumer them on the


c. In the event that a Guest is intoxicated and is not staying as part of a Self-Catering package,

alcohol shall be withdrawn.

27. Law governing this contract

a. We both agree that English law (and no other) will apply to your contract and to any dispute,

claim or other matter of any description which arises between us (except as set out below). We

both also agree that any dispute, claim or other matter of any description (and whether or not

involving any personal injury) which arises between us must be dealt with by the Courts of

England and Wales only unless, in the case of Court proceedings, you live in Scotland or

Northern Ireland. In this case, proceedings must either be brought in the Courts of your home

country or those of England and Wales.

b. If proceedings are brought in Scotland or Northern Ireland, you may choose to have your contract

and any dispute, claim or other matter of any description which arises between us governed by

the law of Scotland/Northern Ireland as applicable (but if you do not so choose, English law will


September 2021

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Chalet description

Sleeps 12 to 15 people

La Grange au Merle is the most wonderful farmhouse offering the highest levels of service & comfort on a fully catered basis. The chalet provides all the home comforts one could wish for including a hot-tub and sauna meaning that this, combined with exceptional service, really is the most perfect choice for a real luxury treat. 

Fully Catered Chalet | Hot Tub | Sauna | Log Fire | Cocktail Bar | TV & Games Room | Kids Snug | Childcare Option | Wine Cellar & Craft Beers | Resort Chauffeur | WiFi

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What's included?

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Chalet room information

  • Bedrooms 1-5: - Twin/Double Rooms, all with ensuite bath/shower room, with access to a balcony or terrace & Sonos speaker. Two of the rooms can be used individually or as a combined family suite.
  • Mezzanine Suite: - Spacious double with ensuite bathroom. Additional room used as a cosy hideaway for the little ones.

Chalet facilities

Complimentary Wine & Beers

Outdoor Hot Tub

Fully Catered Chalet

Authentic Alpine Charm

Balcony and Terrace

Beds made upon arrival

Ski AM/PM Shuttle Service

Concierge Service

External Parking for 2 cars

Family Friendly

Family Rooms


FREE Wifi Access


Towels & Bathroom Accessories

TV and DVD Player

  • Prices & availability
  • Property details

    Beginner Friendly
    Vast Area
    Value For Money
    Family Friendly
    Short Transfer
    Alpine Charm
    All Rounder

    La Grange au Merle was completely renovated for the winter season of 2016/17 to create a new luxury catered ski chalet in Chatel. The chalet's new design welcomes guests into a retreat full of warmth, comfort and style set in traditional Savoyard character.  Into this beautiful setting you will be delivered a luxurious catered ski chalet service providing guests with a superb base from which to access the vast Portes du Soleil ski area. The chalet's original charm and ambiance is retained throughout, maintaining La Grange au Merle's authentic atmosphere. However the renovations have added all the home comforts you could wish for. From a steamy hot tub & sauna to roaring fires in the grate, La Grange au Merle will ease your mind and relax your body.

    Open Plan Living: The first floor is the heart of the chalet, with a south facing and open plan living space. Take in the amazing alpine views while you enjoy the cocktail bar, feature log burning fire or settle in the dining area to eat and drink with friends and family. Open the Sonos music app on your smart phone and set the background ambience in any of the rooms.

    Kitchen & Dining: The bespoke crafted larch dining table comfortably seats a party of twelve while also remaining intimate with two adults either side.  There is a lovely ‘chef's table’ beside the kitchen which is great if children need to be fed separately.  The kitchen itself overlooks the living area with rustic wooden panelled drawers and black granite work surface surrounding a substantial traditional style range.  Modern amenities are not forgotten - microwave, double door fridge freezer, Nespresso coffee machine, dish washer and wine cooler are all present.

    Bedrooms: Each of the five tastefully decorated bedrooms has access to an en-suite bathroom. All open on to the southerly balcony or a garden terrace with the exception of the mezzanine bedroom which sits beside the library and children's den. Throughout you will find Egyptian cotton bedlinen, fluffy towels, bathrobes and luxurious toiletries.

    TV Snug & Library: A dedicated TV snug is home to a large television with a selection of DVDs, games, toys and craft supplies. On the mezzanine a library offers a peaceful space to select a book or magazine and access the internet.

    Hot tub, Sauna and more: For relaxation after a hard day on the slopes soak in the outdoor hot-tub unwind in the sauna or indulge in a massage. For those wishing outdoor fun, gardens surround the chalet with the alpine playhouse, ‘Crystal de Neige’, being irresistible to those with a sense of play and imagination.

    Parking, Garden and Châtel: Along with spacious accommodation over four floors and garden, there is also a convenient covered garage for two cars located beside the property. The centre of the bustling village of Chatel is a two minute drive by our chauffeur or pleasant stroll away, with a tempting selection of aprés-ski bars, shops and restaurants. Surrounded by majestic scenery and alpine chalet architecture it is an ideal location for an unforgettable ski holiday experience.

    The Experience & Service

    Highlights - All Included:

    • Gourmet meals by our professional chef
    • Somelier paired wines with every dinner
    • Concierge service for restaurant bookings and activities
    • All day resort driver
    • Saturday changing room (on request) - for last day skiing
    • Wine cellar - access to all chalet wines
    • Brand spirits and craft gin
    • Complimentary sparkling crèmant
    • Craft ales and beer
    • Soft drinks

    Gourmet Meals from our Professional Chef - Mouthwatering meals created by your dedicated chef are included in the price of your stay. This covers hearty breakfasts and home baked afternoon teas. In the evening early dinners can be provided for children, while the adults are treated to canapés and a sumptuous four course meal with selected wines and soft drinks. The chalet team have one day off each week, during which time we will provide you with a babysitter if required, allowing you to take advantage of the fabulous restaurants available in Châtel.

    Sommelier Paired Wines with Dinner - Our Sommelier has selected wines from our carnotzet (wine cellar) to pair with your evening meal each night.  The wines will be served to compliment the dishes and privide an entertaining way to explore the variety of wines held in our cellar. If you enjoy one in particular, just ask for it again!

    Access to our Carnotzet (wine cellar) - We are passionate about our wine. We have built our wine cellar to contain a wide variety of mostly French wine - that's where we are after all - but with a few notable alternatives too.  As a guest you are welcome to visit the carnozet to pick a bottle or sit in the comfort of the chalet and select from the cellar list, all complimentary. We stock a large quantity of the wonderful and ever popular sparkling Crémant de Loire or Crémant de Bourgogne which we serve as an aperitif every evening but you can enjoy it whenever you like, just ask!

    Complimentary spirits, beers and soft drinks - Guests are welcome to enjoy the benefits of our cocktail bar.  Mix a refreshing craft gin and tonic before dinner or choose an digestif afterwards. We stock a range of craft beers which we think offer an enjoyable variety of fresh and fruity flavours that are well accompanied by the roaring fire or the fresh air and evening sunshine from the terrace. Complimentary soft drinks are also available.

    Boot Room Snacks & Hand-warmers - How many times have you wished you had a bar of something to nibble on while you were waiting for friends or family by the side of the piste?  Or been with children who just needed a little something to get them down the next run? We leave some small snacks and cosy hand-warmers in the Boot Room so that you can push them into pockets and gloves as you leave. Have a great day on the mountains!

    Little luxuries - Relaxing after a hard day skiing is made a little more luxurious with specially selected toiletries in all the en-suite bathrooms.  A selection of soft fluffy towels are also provided along with bespoke Clarian Chalets bathrobes and personal slippers. All the bedrooms are made up with Egyptian cotton bed linens with faux fur and soft woollen accents.

    Concierge Services : Your knowledgeable and unobtrusive host will ensure your holiday runs smoothly. Additional services will be arranged, restaurant reservations made and advice on the resort provided.  Perhaps the children want a break from skiing or you want to try snowshoeing?  Need to book a restaurant or just want some ideas?  Just let us know!

    Resort Chauffeur - Available All Day:  To ensure you spend as much time enjoying all that Châtel and the Portes du Soleil has to offer our resort chauffeur is at your disposal throughout the day.  We will take you to the slopes in the morning and collect you again whenever you like.   Want to collect children from ski school?  No problem - we are there to help.  Just give us a little warning and you won't have any more sore feet or hanging around!

    Ski Lessons, Childcare and Nannies: Our childcare options are tailored to your family’s needs. Children's ski lessons begin from the age of three and are run by a number of ski schools with teaching in English. Experienced and professional nannies can be on hand to collect children from ski school, provide lunch and care for them in the chalet where we have a large garden for building snowmen or igloos and having snow ball fights. There is also an charming alpine outdoor playhouse, a well stocked TV/games room and art activities to keep them busy. Dependant on the child's age, nannies can also take them on trips within Châtel including sledging, walks, ice skating or for a warming hot chocolate in the local cafes. Alternatively, there is a crèche within the village and ‘les marmottes’, a fun-filled camp organised by ESF combining ski lessons, lunch and afternoon activities. 

    Average snow history


    Weather    6 October 2017    8:00AM

    3 to 4 degrees







    6 October 2017    8:00AM

    3 to 4 degrees
  • Resort at a glance
    Beginner Friendly
    Vast Area
    Value For Money
    Family Friendly

    Average snow history


    Weather    6 October 2017    8:00AM

    3 to 4 degrees

    Chatel is a charming village situated in the vast Portes du Soleil. The ski area offers a huge amount of skiing and linking into the neighbouring resorts of Morzine, Avoriaz and Les Gets amongst others, there really is something for everyone.

    There are a lot of great opportunities for everyone and this village offers a wonderful option to be a little bit off the beaten track and is perhaps best loved by locals and families alike who like to keep this hidden gem a little bit secret!







    6 October 2017    8:00AM

    3 to 4 degrees


    Ice Fishing
    Zip Line
    Cross Country Skiing
    Ice Skating
    Snowshoe Hiking
    Spas Wellness Center
    Sports Centre


    Aigle Train Station
    Geneva Airport
    1h 45m
    Chambery Aiport
    Lyon Airport
    2h 40m
    Grenoble Airport
    2h 40m
    Sat-nav: Lat: 46.27° N Long: 6.84° W

    If you book your flights with us you can book a shared or private transfer from the airport to the resort as part of your booking. Even if you don't book flights through us we can organise transfers for you - just give us a call on +44 (0) 208 877 8882.

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