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Chalet Genepi, 5 star - Morzine

Chalet Genepi

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Terms and Conditions

Accommodation Terms


1.1 The Self Catered terms and conditions contained in this document together with your Booking Form comprise the contract between the supplier and all persons listed on the Booking Form. The contract is deemed to have been made as soon as the Booking Form has been sent and completed on line by the Group Leader, accompanied by a NON REFUNDABLE Deposit or
full payment as applicable. The “booking form” refers to the soft e-copy or paper copy of the original booking form and the incorporated T&C’s filled in by the group leader.

By completing a booking form the group leader agrees on behalf of all party members that:
He/she has read the self-catered terms and conditions and agrees that all members of the group are bound by them
He/she is over 18 years old
He/she consents to our use of information as stated in our privacy policy
All information provided to the supplier is correct and accurate

You must read these booking conditions carefully before booking your holiday. The person making the booking on behalf of the Client (the group leader) accepts the booking conditions on behalf of all persons defined as “Client”. It is the responsibility of the group leader to bring these booking conditions to the attention of all persons included in the booking and to ensure that they are respected. Validation of a booking by the Client implies acceptance without
restriction or reservation of these General Conditions.

The group leader making the booking is deemed to have made the booking exclusively on his/her own behalf and on behalf of the other members of the Group staying with him/her – bookings on behalf of third parties are not permitted.

When payment has been made over the telephone, without a booking form being completed, a contract will come into existence immediately between you and the supplier upon processing of a credit/debit card payment for deposit or full payment of your holiday. This will be oral confirmation of your booking. Written confirmation will be subsequently sent via email.

The group leader is responsible, on behalf of all other members of the group, for all matters relating to the booking, thus he/she will be personally liable for all monies due the supplier.

Under no circumstances are additional guests allowed to stay in the self-catered property other than those specified on the booking form. Failure to comply with this may result in your booking being terminated immediately in resort and you and your party being asked to vacate the relevant
self-catered property immediately. No compensation will be paid for this.

“Self-catered properties” means the property you are occupying as stated on the booking form.

Please note that due to the nature of the services, you do not benefit from the 14-day cooling off period.


The booking shall not be final and the contract shall not be entered into until the availability of the self-catered property has been confirmed by the supplier and upon the receipt of a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total cost of the holiday (the “deposit”) unless otherwise agreed by the supplier. A booking enquiry will not be held until a full deposit is received. A completed booking form must also be submitted within 7 days to complete a reservation.

Should a booking be requested in writing/email or verbally, without payment of a deposit, the booking will be deemed not secure until deposit monies are received. Thus, the supplier reserves the right to re-book the same week in the same accommodation to another client without notification.

When you receive your confirmation invoice, please check all details carefully to ensure that they are correct. If there are any errors in the confirmation invoice, please bring them to our attention within 7 days of the invoice being issued, otherwise we will assume that the details shown are correct and a change fee will be charged if changes are subsequently required.

The final balance outstanding on your holiday must be paid 10 weeks before the start date of your holiday. For bookings made within the 10-week start date period, the full cost of the holiday will be payable at the time of booking to secure your reservation.

If the final balance is not received 10 weeks before the start of your holiday, the supplier reserves the right to cancel the booking and retain any deposit paid and levy cancellation charges as outlined below. The supplier then reserves the right to re-book the same week in the same self-catered property to another client without notification.

If you, or your party, change any of your flight details after having booked your holiday, and the supplier has made airport transfer, or any other, arrangements on your behalf, an administrative charge of €50 may be incurred which will be added to your final balance.

When you agree to reserve a whole self-catered property on an exclusive use basis, the group leader is liable for the full cost of that property, as stated on your booking form, irrespective of party size and final number of guests confirmed. Please note, If your party size exceeds the agreed
maximum capacity of the self-catered property, as stated on your booking form, an additional charge will be incurred.

As group leader, payments for a self-catered property on behalf of a group must be made in one lump sum. This applies to deposits and also final balances. The supplier cannot accept multiple payments from multiple individuals for group bookings.
Payments made by the client will only be considered final once the supplier has received the said sums.


Prices are based on exclusive use of the properties and will therefore remain the same irrespective of the number of guests, up to the maximum capacity. We reserve the right to increase our prices and therefore offer no guarantee that postponed reservations will be offered at the same price as the original booking.

The prices quoted on the supplier website for self-catered accommodation are for 7 nights accommodation on a self-catered basis. Prices include a welcome pack, linen, towels, toiletries and cleaning of the property before and after your holiday. Prices do not include lift passes, equipment hire, lessons, flights, transfers or travel costs, travel, holiday and medical insurance or

The supplier guarantees the price of your holiday as quoted at the time of booking and as stated on your booking form. The supplier reserves the right to increase or decrease the advertised price of unsold holidays at any time.

Details of a valid credit card will be taken pre arrival or upon arrival at the property in resort as security against damage, loss, breakages and additional cleaning charges as more specifically detailed below. These details will be kept for the duration of your stay and by you agreeing to these T & Cs, you are agreeing to allow the supplier to charge that card in Euros or Pounds
Sterling in the event of any damages, losses, breakages or additional cleaning charges. Acceptable payment types are bank transfer, to our UK or French bank accounts, and credit or debit card.

The supplier will not be held responsible for charges incurred by yourself for international bank transfer costs or charges imposed on you by your bank or card issuer. This also includes payment discrepancies or additional costs caused by variations in exchange rates used by your bank or card issuer.

In the event of unpaid payments, the group leader will be contacted to make immediate payment by other means. In the event of non-payment by other means or a new payment not being honoured within 72 hours of the supplier making the request, we reserve the right to cancel the booking and retain any deposit paid, and to levy a cancellation charge as set out below. The supplier then reserves the right to re-book the same week of the same property to another Client without notice or refund of any sums already paid by the Client in respect of the booking.

In the event of late payment of your final balance, any charges or loss of revenue incurred on our behalf will be added to your balance. We reserve the right to cancel your holiday should you fail to pay your final balance. No compensation will be provided.

The supplier will endeavour to resolve any discrepancies during your stay. It is also your responsibility to report to us any damage you notice to the property on arrival or during your stay.
You remain responsible for any damage to the property or its facilities caused by you or any member of your party during your stay. In the event that any damage to the property is not brought to our attention during this period, and is discovered after your departure, we will contact you within 72 hours of your departure from the property to advise you of the cost of repairing the damage to the property.

Any outstanding items purchased on your behalf during your holiday will be outlined on your bill and are payable before your departure.


The supplier will not be liable to pay you any compensation or refund if they fail to perform any of its obligations under your booking results from events, circumstances or causes beyond our reasonable control (and which we could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid).
Such events may include, but are not limited to, acts of God, war or threat of war, riots, civil commotion, terrorist activities (actual or potential), labour disputes, volcanic ash clouds, governmental decisions, natural or nuclear disasters, epidemics, pandemics, adverse weather conditions, fires, closure of ports and airports, and any other similar events beyond our control (“Force Majeure”).

You may cancel your stay at any time, provided that the group leader makes the cancellation in writing/email. The supplier accepts no responsibility for non-delivery or non-receipt of such written cancellation. Cancellation fees are as follows:

In the event of cancellation by you, the deposit paid will be retained in ful,l regardless of the date of cancellation.

Cancellation Charges
Up to 10 weeks before arrival date – Entire deposit
8 – 10 weeks before arrival date – 60% of total booking cost
6 – 8 weeks before arrival date – 70% of total booking cost
4 – 6 weeks before arrival date – 80% of total booking cost
Less than 4 weeks before arrival date – 100% of total booking cost

Once the outstanding balance has been settled, the customer shall be reimbursed after accounting for cancellation fees. Any unsettled balance, minus refund amount, remains payable in its entirety.

Non-receipt of the balance of the cost of the holiday will not be taken as notification of cancellation. Groups will still be liable for cancellation charges as shown above if they subsequently cancel the holiday.


The supplier does not accept any liability where-so-ever or how-so-ever arising, or pay compensation for:-

a) Any Force Majeure event.
b) Adverse weather or traffic conditions, avalanche, mud slips, slides and snow conditions and the
effect any of these may have on travel arrangements, accommodation and activities.
c) Limitations imposed by resort authorities, ski lifts, ski school or ski hire operators.
d) Travel arrangements made by the group or on behalf of the group.
e) Any personal injury or death, where-so-ever or how-so-ever arising, caused to any visitor and/or any member of the group for their duration of stay.

5.2 These limitations are not intended to exclude any statutory rights the group and/or visitor may have


6.1 Guests should act in a way that is respectful to staff, other guests and local residents at all times and in a way that does not damage the supplier’s reputation. All guests must recognise that the properties are within residential areas and thus keep noise levels appropriate at all times and minimise any disruption to neighbours. Guests must observe a 22:00 curfew for outdoor noise or excessive noise within the property.

The supplier will not be held responsible for any official fees or fines incurred for noise or breach of peace and reserves the right to refuse to further accommodate guests in breach of this section.
Groups in breach of any part(s) of this section will result in all contractual obligations being terminated immediately and no compensation will be payable.

Smoking within any of the supplier’s properties is strictly forbidden. Those wishing to smoke should do so outside the property, disposing of cigarette butts in a designated ashtray. Any group found to have anyone smoking in the properties will be charged €500 for an external commercial cleaning company fee.

The use of illegal substances in any of our properties will not be tolerated. Anyone found to be using or supplying such substances will be evicted from the property with immediate effect. This could lead to the entire group being evicted. No compensation will be paid.

It is the group’s responsibility to ensure the self-catered property is secure at all times. Any group that fails to secure the property doors and windows will be liable for any stolen property belonging to the supplier or the property owner as a result of that negligence. The supplier will not be held responsible for any theft or loss of personal possessions from our premises or vehicles.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have all the necessary legal travel documents in place depending on your nationality. It is your responsibility to check which documents are required before you travel and ensure you have those in place for the duration of your holiday. Please ensure your passport is valid beyond your return date. The supplier will not be held responsible for any
legal changes made to travel requirements between the time of booking your holiday to departure.
No refunds or compensation will be made by the supplier in the circumstance where any government changes to travel regulations are imposed.

You are responsible for ensuring that you have full medical and travel insurance cover throughout your stay from the date the booking is made. Winter/mountain sports and travel involve a degree of risk and therefore we insist that you take out adequate travel insurance in order to cover any accidents during your holiday, for which the supplier will not be held responsible.

The supplier will only be liable for death or personal injury if it is a direct result of an act or omission of our employees in the performance of their duties, unless the cause of such death or personal injury is due to:

• Your acts or omissions or those of a third party not connected with the provision of your

• an event which could not have been foreseen or prevented even by exercising all due care.

However, acceptance of this liability is subject to you informing us of any claim in writing within 7 days of the end of your holiday.

It is your responsibility to park your car in a safe and designated spot that does not obstruct any neighbouring properties or snow plough access. Any personal or rented vehicles are left at the owners risk and should be parked in a safe and legal parking space. The supplier will not be held responsible for damage to or theft from your vehicle.

It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the fire exits and fire extinguishers in the property when you arrive.


Details of the party leader’s valid credit card will be taken during the booking process or on arrival as security against damage, loss, breakages and additional cleaning charges. By you agreeing to these self-catered terms and conditions, you are agreeing to allow the supplier to charge said
card in Euros or Pounds Sterling in the event of any damages, losses, breakages or additional cleaning charges.

Should any items or property be lost or damaged during your stay, you must notify the supplier. Any damage or loss caused by any member of the group must be paid for in full before departure by the party leader. In the event that we are not notified of the loss or damage before your departure, we will contact you with 72 hours of you leaving the self-catered property to confirm additional charges to be charged. These will be deducted from the party leader’s credit card on file.

By accepting these terms and conditions, the client undertakes to take good care of the items, goods and equipment forming part of the property or made available to him/her during his stay and to return them at the end of his/her stay in the same condition as they found them on arrival. Any loss of, or damage to, any of these goods and equipment forming part of the property, or made available to the client, will be charged to the client prior to departure on the basis of the cost of replacing them with new material.

Our keys for self-catered properties are security keys, therefore, should you lose a key, you will be charged €250 for a replacement. This charge will be made immediately using a credit / debit card.

Any client not properly securing the exits or windows of the property, including balcony, garage and hot-tub access doors, will be liable for any property stolen as a result of that negligence.

The supplier will not be held responsible for any theft or loss of any personal possessions from our premises / vehicles. Whilst the supplier will endeavour to ensure the security of guests’ personal possessions, we cannot guarantee it.

It is up to the group leader to ensure that each member of the party is responsible for the safety of all their own personal possessions, documents and equipment. No responsibility or liability will be accepted in respect of such items, as it is a condition of your booking (and therefore reasonably
assumed by the supplier) that all guests have taken out appropriate insurance to cover such loss and/or damage. For the avoidance of doubt, please note that this section also applies to mountain bikes, road bikes, ski/snowboard equipment and any other “high value items” that guests have brought with them on holiday


Check-in time is strictly 16:00. Check-out time is strictly 10:00. Whilst we understand that some groups may wish to arrive earlier or depart later on those days, we need to maintain these timings in order to prepare the properties for the next guests. When possible, we will store luggage for you should your flight schedule mean you arrive before or after our check-in and checkout times, however, we cannot guarantee this. There will be no access to the properties before or after check-in/out times.

Groups must ensure that they adhere to the following self-catered conditions before check-out.
Failure to complete the following checklist may result in a €500 surplus cleaning fee.

• Dispose of all food and beverage from fridge, freezer, cupboards and cooking appliances

• Empty dishwasher, clean all cooking appliances and return dishes to cupboards

• Dispose of rubbish from all bins at local bin point

• Report any damages of breakages to management

• Return all electrical items such as GoPros or iPads to original location and charge

• Ensure apartment items are as you found them on arrival.


In order to maintain and protect our properties, outdoor shoes, ski boots and snowboard boots are not permitted in the properties at any time. Slippers are provided for your convenience.

All outdoor equipment such as skis, boards, boots, bikes and sledges must be left in the boot room or other outdoor designated area. This includes any equipment belonging to the group. On arrival you will be shown the secure storage areas where your equipment can be kept. All maintenance and fitting of equipment must be done in the boot room or outdoor area.

Towel rails are strictly for towels only. Please do not hang any wet swimwear or ski clothes on these rails as dyes from the materials may irreparably transfer to the rail. If any towel rail is damaged in such a way, the group will be charged for a replacement towel rail.

Under no circumstances should wet clothes be hung on radiators or radiator covers. This is a fire hazard and strictly forbidden.

Fires and stoves should be managed sensibly and should not be overloaded or obstructed in any way. Clothes should not be dried by the fire or stove. The supplier will not be held responsible for any damage to items as a result of being placed too close to the fire.

Guests use the hot tub at their own risk. We recommend that children under the age of 12 and pregnant women do not use the hot tub. Under 16 year olds must be accompanied at all times in the hot tub. Please be aware that the area around the hot tub can become slippery and that ice may form on the deck around it in the winter season. When using the hot tub, drinks must be kept in plastic glasses without exception. Any broken glass in a hot tub will result in the hot tub being permanently closed and any subsequent damage, repair costs or inconvenience to the following weeks clients will be charged accordingly and before the group’s departure. Chalet staff reserve the
right to close the hot tub at any time if it is being misused, if guests are not observing rules or curfews, or if there is any chemical imbalance or breakdown. Compensation will not be payable in such cases and prior notice is not necessary. The supplier takes meticulous care of the hot tubs
and drain, clean and replace water for every new group. Daily chemical checks and maintenance are recorded according to the law. In the interest of hygiene, all persons using the hot tub are required to shower before entering.

Where the property has a sauna, it is to be used at guest’s own risk. We recommend that children under the age of 12 and pregnant women do not use the sauna. Under 16 year olds must be accompanied at all times in the sauna. In the interest of hygiene, all persons using the sauna are required to shower before entering.

Where the property has a treatment room, a third party professional therapist will be brought in to offer treatments. It is the guest’s responsibility to discuss their medical history and the treatments with the therapist. The supplier accepts no responsibility for any injury that may be caused by a therapist or any reaction to the products used.

The supplier presumes that all guests, before using any chalet facilities, have read, understood and agreed to these self-catered terms and conditions.


No matter how much care is taken, our self-catered properties are not childproof. The supplier will not be held responsible for any accidents occurring within the self-catered properties. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure their children are supervised at all times.

The supplier can provide high-chairs, cots and stair gates for infants and babies. However, we accept no responsibility should an accident or injury occur as a result of the use of such items. Parents assume full responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of their children at all times.

Childcare is not provided by the supplier and must be arranged with our concierge who will recommend a third party professional. Children under 16 must therefore be accompanied at all times in the properties.

Well behaved and clean pets are welcome in most of our properties by prior agreement with the supplier. Pets are not allowed on furniture or beds


The supplier will arrange all of your transfer requirements. These are not included in the cost of your holiday and must be paid on or before the final balance is due.

As standard, the supplier books private road transfers for each group. This means you travel only with your party and do not wait for other tourists or flights to arrive. Should you wish to book a shared transfer, you must notify us at the time of booking.

In accordance to French Law, no alcohol can be consumed in transfer vehicles. Our third party partner’s reserve the right to confiscate any alcohol being consumed in their vehicles.

In the case of unforeseen circumstances, out of the supplier or a third party provider’s control, such as, but not limited to, flight delays, cancellations, lost luggage, adverse weather and road conditions, you may be required to wait in the airport until the situation can be resolved or another method of transport is arranged. If this happens, you will be notified immediately upon arrival and kept informed of the situation by the supplier.

Due to adverse weather or road conditions, it may be necessary to extend airport transfer times. Such decisions will be made by our partners providing the transfer service and you will be notified of such changes as soon as they are made. Any person who misses a connecting flight, train or other transport, due to not being ready to leave the resort at the agreed time, will not be
compensated by the supplier or our third party partners. Nor will any other members of the group who are inconvenienced, delayed or miss connections as a result of that person.

The supplier reserves the right to dispatch a group and vehicle without all members present in the unusual instance where members of the group do not show up on time and are not responding to phone calls or are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol and causing delays to the group. Any such person left in resort is responsible for arranging their own transfer and/or
accommodation needs and we accept no responsibility for this and compensation will not be payable to the client.

Any costs incurred due to unforeseen circumstances resulting in you missing your flight should be claimed against your holiday insurance.


In the unlikely event of you having a complaint with any part of your holiday, you should notify the supplier’s staff immediately. All complaints will be dealt with seriously and by a member of management who will endeavour to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Any complaints made on or after departure will not be considered. Complaints cannot be accepted for snow conditions, weather, closures of ski-lifts and services offered by third party suppliers, or anything outside of the supplier’s direct control.

Our liability is in all cases limited to the reimbursement of the sums actually paid by the customer and we shall not be considered as responsible or in default for any delay or nonperformance resulting from the occurrence of a case of force majeure usually recognised by French jurisprudence


The supplier can assist in sourcing and booking any of the extra services you may need when on holiday. These services are subject to the terms and conditions of the individual third party companies. The supplier reserves the right to charge an administration fee on such bookings.

The supplier has researched, to the best of its ability, the practices of the third-party providers of activities and transport, which our concierge service will book on behalf of the client. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, accident or event due to the actions of a third party, we shall not be held liable. Bookings made to third party providers by our concierge on
behalf of the client will be bound by the third party supplier’s terms and conditions, which are available upon request.


Please note that the supplier does not provide winter sports or other travel insurance to its clients. It is your responsibility to ensure that you and your party have appropriate and adequate insurance.

It is a condition of booking with us that all clients (including all members of their party) provide proof of personal insurance covering:

• Cancellation or interruption of your trip;

• Travel delays and transfer costs (including additional costs incurred in the event of delay);

• Emergency medical expenses, including, but not limited to, mountain rescue, ambulance and
repatriation costs;

• Winter sports and any activities you may do in the resort;

• Risks and costs incurred by third parties as a result of damage to property or adjacent property caused by you or any member of your party, your employees or visitors during your

In the event that you fail to obtain appropriate insurance in accordance with this clause, we will not be liable for any costs incurred or claims made against us as a result of your failure to comply with this condition.

We also recommend that you take out adequate insurance to cover your personal belongings.
In order for us to assist you in an emergency, it is helpful for us to have information about your travel insurance policy. Please provide us with this


We are committed to protecting your privacy. Please see our information security policy on our website. We may disclose to our suppliers information about you, such as your name, contact details, travel preferences and any special needs or dietary requirements you have provided to us for yourself and your travelling companions, in order to fulfil their obligations.

We do not sell any information or our mailing list to other organisations. Please note that security regulations may require us to provide government agencies with access to the data you disclose to us.


All descriptions on the supplier’s website are given in good faith and are believed to be correct. This is in relation to all aspects, including activity pricing and information.

For the avoidance of doubt in the event of any conflict between the details on the supplier website and the self-catered terms and conditions, the provisions of the self-catered terms and conditions prevail.

The contract and the agreement is made in accordance with these self-catered terms and conditions.

If you book through a Travel Agent, they will act to pass information from you to us and vice versa. They may also receive payment from you for your reservation and will subsequently transfer the funds to the supplier. Any advice given to you from your Travel Agent, which is not based on advice given to them by us, is their responsibility. In these circumstances, we do not accept liability if incorrect advice is given to you by your Travel Agent.

We partner with various Travel Agents or other third parties and so our chalets and apartments may appear on third party websites. We have no control over the contents and practices of these websites. You access and rely upon the contents of these third party websites solely at your own risk. We accept no responsibility for the contents of and practices of any third party websites. You
should therefore not solely rely on any descriptions which are not on our website.


In the absence of proof to the contrary, the data recorded in the supplier’s computer system constitutes proof of all transactions concluded with the client.


These booking conditions and all matters arising from them are subject to, and governed by, French law and are subject to the jurisdiction of the competent French courts.

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Chalet description

Sleeps 12 people

Chalet Genepi is all about entertaining! A spectacular retreat around 600m from the heart of Morzine, it has a true wow factor and incredible facilities including a hot tub, games area and even a gym. A perfect option for those looking for privacy combined with real luxury. 

Great location | Hot Tub | BBQ | Pool Table | Gym | Outdoor Deck | TV Area | Laundry Facilities | Bootwarmers | Dogs Allowed | Private Parking | WiFi

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What's included?

View prices & availability

Chalet room information

  • Whole Chalet - 6 bedrooms | 5 bathrooms | TV Area | Living Room | Dining Room | Kitchen | Deck

Chalet facilities

Welcome Champagne

Balcony and Terrace

Beds made upon arrival

Catering Options

Cleaning services

Concierge Service

Covered Parking

Dogs Allowed

End of stay cleaning included (except kitchen areas)


FREE Wifi Access


Gym Facilities


Ski and Boot Area with heated racks

Towels & Bathroom Accessories

  • Prices & availability
  • Property details

    All Rounder
    Short Transfer
    Vast Area
    Family Friendly
    Beginner Friendly

    Set over four floors, Chalet Genepi has two distinctive large entertaining areas, both with plenty of room for when the chalet is at full occupancy. On the entrance level, a large living room with a bar area opens on to an outdoor terrace where you will find a hot tub that takes in the view of the close by Pleney ski runs. This is the perfect extra entertaining space, as this is where you will find the TV area, pool table and bar. The built-in blackboard wall is sure to bring out the creative artist in little and big kids. A communal WC is located in this area and a large bedroom is set off the living area. It can be configured as a twin or double room and has its own en-suite shower room.

    A spectacular staircase leads to the upper levels, where attention to design has been key. The modern chandeliers that adorn the staircase and living areas, combined with flashes of bright colours and textures, make this chalet a standout property in which to spend your ski holiday or summer stay in Morzine.

    There are three bedrooms on the second level, two of which have an en-suite shower room and can be configured as twin or double bedrooms. Each of the bedrooms has a beautiful view of the forest and over to Point de Nantaux.

    The top floor of the chalet is home to a large open-plan living, dining and kitchen area, plus two further bedrooms. The living area takes in the view of the Pleney pistes through floor to ceiling windows, which open out onto a large deck. Dining furniture on the deck offers the perfect place to have an alfresco meal in the summer or a warm vin chaud during your ski holiday in Morzine. A log fire also sets the tone for this ambient living space. A large dining table is positioned to take in the forest vista and will comfortably sit twelve people or more. The kitchen has a breakfast bar that provides further seating and has been designed to create the perfect, modern self-catered kitchen.

    The master suite and bunk room located on the top floor can become a family suite if the co-joining shower room is opened up. The master suite has a beautiful view of the Pleney pistes and a lovely sunny position. The bunk room has a desk in the room, allowing it to be used as an office space as well as a bedroom.

    On the basement level of Chalet Genepi, you will find a double garage, parking and boot room with both heated boot and glove racks, plus a gym space. There is also ample racks and hooks for ski and bike storage.

    What’s included?

    • Exclusive use of the property
    • Welcome pack, which includes Champagne, beers, snacks, arrival breakfast items and cleaning products
    • 24-hour resort management and concierge service

    Chalet facilities

    • Welcome pack containing; Champagne, beers, essential groceries, resort & piste maps, firewood and basic cleaning products.
    • Hot tub
    • Barbecue
    • Pool table
    • Gym with free weights, ropes, yoga mats, rowing machine and spin bike (from winter 2020)
    • Separate TV area from main living room
    • Outdoor deck with dining furniture
    • Fully-equipped kitchen
    • Nespresso machine
    • Laundry facilities
    • Wi-Fi throughout
    • iPad
    • GoPro with attachments
    • The White Company© luxury toiletries
    • Professional hairdryers and straightener set
    • Luxury bed linen and towels
    • Slippers
    • Ski and boot room with heated boot and glove racks
    • Pet friendly
    • Private parking
    • Underground parking
    • ** Available at extra cost – private chef, host, resort driver service, delivered catering, full grocery shopping, newspapers, morning bakery delivery, wine supply and delivery, mid-week changeover, laundry service, extra cleaning services, lift passes, airport transfers, In-chalet equipment fitting & hire, ski tuition and guiding, day excursions.


    • Four bedrooms are en-suite
    • Two bedrooms share an en-suite
    • All bedrooms can be configured as twin or double, except bedrooms 4 and 5 which are doubles

    Average snow history


    Weather    6 October 2017    8:00AM

    4 to 5 degrees







    6 October 2017    8:00AM

    4 to 5 degrees
  • Resort at a glance
    All Rounder
    Short Transfer
    Vast Area
    Family Friendly

    Average snow history


    Weather    6 October 2017    8:00AM

    4 to 5 degrees

    The largest, and arguably best positioned of the Portes de Soleil resorts, Morzine offers easy access to both Les Gets, Avoriaz and all 600km of pistes. It is perhaps more of a wonderful traditional French town than a ski resort, but its ambiance and welcome is absolutely second to none.

    Do not be fooled by its 1000m altitude – it benefits from the Mont Blanc micro-climate, resulting in excellent skiing even at lower levels. With a multitude of bars and restaurants, it is a super option for those looking for a bit of everything.

    Morzine piste map

    Morzine piste map







    6 October 2017    8:00AM

    4 to 5 degrees


    Cross Country Skiing
    Ice Skating
    Snow Mobile
    Spas Wellness Center
    Sports Centre


    Geneva Airport
    1h 20m
    Chambery Airport
    Lyon Airport
    2h 30m
    Grenoble Airport
    2h 30m
    Sat-nav: Lat: 46.18° N Long: 6.71° W

    If you book your flights with us you can book a shared or private transfer from the airport to the resort as part of your booking. Even if you don't book flights through us we can organise transfers for you - just give us a call on +44 (0) 208 877 8882.

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Why not give one of our friendly ski experts a call?

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