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Booking a Ski Holiday with Powder White is simple and easy. We have one of the few online booking systems available today with a LIVE quote system allowing you to instantly create a skiing holiday package and book online with no fuss.


  • Search for a property by resort and date
  • Identify a property you would like to hire / rent
  • Add extras to your holiday package from ski hire to childcare, Internet or even a massage
  • Pay your deposit


That is all you need to do in order to book your ski holiday accommodation. Everything can be organised online or you can call our sales team direct on +44 (0)20 8877 8888 who will be happy to answer any questions or take your booking over the phone. Most properties are booked in advance so BOOK TODAY to avoid dissapointment or fill out a holiday enquiry form to get more details.


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Booking your skiing holiday


Q: Which resort should I choose?

A: Primarily you should choose a resort that best suits your groups skiing abilities. Whilst all resorts have beginner slopes, some resorts are better suited to intermediate or advanced skiers. Courchevel, Meribel and Val d'Isere are all in vast ski areas and are suitable for all levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced skiers. Verbier and St Anton are better suited to intermediate and advanced skiers. Please see our resort guides to investigate the resorts further.


Q: What type of accommodation should I choose?

A: The type of accommodation you choose is determined by they type of holiday you want and your budget. The Hotel option is as you would imagine: your own room (s), with the option (depending on the hotel) to eat in the hotel dining room, with a shared 'lounge' area. Hotel holidays tend to be the most expensive accommodation in ski resorts. The Catered Chalet option is when you have your own chalet for the week. Meals are prepared and served by a chalet host, and it is your 'home' for the week, and is a lot more informal than a hotel holiday. Chalets with Powder White are also available on a self catered basis. The Chalet holiday tends to be cheaper than the Hotel holiday and is considered to be great value. The Self Catered Apartment option is as it sounds - self catered accommodation - so you get an apartment for the week (with linen and towels) and the catering is entirely left to you. This option tends to be the cheapest way of staying in a skiing resort.


Q: How is it best to get to resorts?

A: Powder White holidays are non-packages - in other words, the prices quoted on the website are without travel. This gives you the option to choose how you get to resorts. You can fly, take the train, or self drive. Powder White can help advise and arrange with all of these options.


Q: Does Powder White arrange flights?

A: We can arrange flights for you, and for those travelling from the UK, Powder White does have an ATOL number (6860). Generally we look to see what is available on the internet across numerous different carriers to find the best flights for you according to price and timings. There are numerous airports that you can fly to, including Geneva, Chambery, Lyon, Grenoble and Turin (for French and some Swiss Resorts) and Zurich, Innsbruck, and Friedrichshaffen (some Austrian and some Swiss Resorts). Don't forget the train as a good option as well.


Q: Does Powder White arrange transfers to ski resorts?

A: Powder White arranges nearly all of the transfers for its guests. There are numerous options that you can use to get from the airport/train station up to the ski resorts, including helicopter transfer, private transfer, shared transfer, public bus and car hire. We can advise and arrange all of these for you.


Q: Do you have an ATOL licence?

A: Powder White does have an ATOL licence (6860) that financially protects holidays including flights from the UK.


Q: What age constitutes a child/infant?

A: On a Chalet holiday, we consider a child to be between the ages of 2 and 11. In other words, if your off-spring are 12 or over, they would be priced as an adult. An Infant is considered to be under the age of 2, and is priced accordingly. On a Hotel holiday, every hotel has a different rules for the ages of children. We can advise when you are booking your hotel holiday.


Q: What is the changeover day?

A: Changeover day is when the staff prepare the accommodation for new guests - it is the cleaning of the accommodation and the change of linen. In a Chalet this tends to be on Saturday in France and Switzerland, and Sunday in Austria. In Hotels and Self Catered Apartments, this is when you vacate your accommodation.


Q: Do you accommodate short stays/weekends?

A: Yes - it is best to speak to someone on the Sales Team to see the availability of weekends in Chalets, Hotels and Self Catered Apartments


Q: Do I have to take a catered holiday?

A: No - all of our chalets are available on a flexible catered basis, meaning that you can take the holiday either catered (breakfast, afternoon tea and evening meal with wine for six out of seven nights), self catered, or part catered (you choose which meals you want and when). The board basis of the hotels is individual for each holel - most hotels offer bed and breakfast, with some hotels offering half board - details of what is available in each hotel are explained on the individual hotel pages. Self catered apartments are self catered!


Q: Are rooms bookable on a room by room basis?

A: Some of our chalets are bookable on a room by room basis, and this is detailed on the individual chalet pages. All of the hotels are bookable on a room by room basis. The self catered apartments can only be booked as a whole apartment - although there are a lot of smaller apartments available.


Q: Do you provide child care / nanny services?

A: Powder White does not offer childcare, but we have worked with many child care providers in each of the resorts, so we can give you details of these for you to contact. We feel that it is best for you to decide which childcare is best for your child, and all charges are payable direct to the childcare provider.


Q: Are there credit card fees?

A: Yes - and the charges depend on which card you use. There is a charge of 2.5% for Visa and Mastercard credit cards. There is a 4% charge for American Express cards. There is no charge for the use of debit cards, and we are happy to receive bank transfers for Sterling, Euro and Swiss Franc payments - please ask for our bank details. NB. All bank charges for national or international transfer are payable by the customer. 


Q: Which resort is best for beginners?

A: We would recommend the Three Valleys (Courchevel, Meribel and Val Thorens) and Espace Killy (Val d'Isere and Tignes) for beginners. However all resorts have beginner areas.


Q: Which resort is best for intermediate/advanced skiers?

A: We would recommend Verbier and St Anton for intermediate and advanced skiers, as well as the Three Valleys (Courchevel, Meribel and Val Thorens) and Espace Killy (Val d'Isere and Tignes).


Q: Which resort is the best all round resort?

A: We would argue that the best all round resorts were Courchevel, Meribel and Val d'Isere as they all offer skiing for all levels in enormous ski areas.



On your Skiing Holiday


Q: What time can I arrive?

A: Powder White likes to offer as much flexibility as possible, so in the Powder White Chalets, you can arrive as early as 9.30 am. Please note that the guests from the previous week may still be in the chalet, and the chalet will not have been cleaned or ready to occupy. The early arrival in the chalets is purely to provide guests with the opportunity to get an extra days skiing in on their holiday, so you will need to be flexible to enjoy this. With the Hotels and Self Catered Apartments unfortunately we cannot offer the same level of flexibility, and there will be defined arrival times for each individual property.


Q: What time do I have to leave?

A: Again, at Powder White we like to offer the most flexibility we can. In the Chalets, you can leave the chalet at 4.30pm, but you need to have cleared your rooms and be out of your rooms by 9am, and you can leave your bags behind until 4.30pm. There may well be a cross over of guests, and you will need to be relatively flexible, but this will allow you to add an additional day's skiing to your holiday. In the Hotels and Self Catered Apartments the check out times are stipulated by the individual properties, and there is no flexibility with regards to the timings.


Q: Are Bed Linen and Towels provided for?

A: In all types of accommodation, bed linen and towels are provided for. In the catered chalets, there is a towel change part way through the week. Additional linen and towel changes can be requested at an additional charge. In some of the self catered apartments, the beds are made up on arrival, however in some they are not. Please see individual apartment pages for more details


Q: What time are meal times?

A: In the Chalets, again Powder White wants to offer a degree of flexibility. Breakfast is served between 8am and 9.30am and Evening Meals are served between 7.30pm and 9pm. Children's high tea can be served earlier than this. It is best to discuss the timings with your Chalet Host when you arrive in resort. Hotels stipulate their own timings for breakfast and the evening meal. Clearly there are no meal times for Self Catered Apartments as there are no meals!


Q: Is my accommodation cleaned during the week?

In the Chalets, your accommodation is cleaned six days out of seven, even if you take your chalet as self catered. In the Self Catered Apartments, there is no cleaning during your stay, however, some apartments have an end of stay clean, and some apartments require you to clean your apartment on your departure. There is daily room service in all the Hotels.


Q: Can I pre-book ski passes?

A: Yes - and we would highly recommend you to do so. All passes can be pre-booked and pre-paid for, and we will arrange for the passes to be available at your accommodation on or shortly after your arrival. We charge exactly the same for this as you would pay in resort, but you don't have to queue in the cold to get your pass! You can pre-book and pre-pay for your passes via our super-intuitive booking management system - you simply need to log into your account and add the passes on


Q: Can I pre-book ski hire?

A: Yes - and again we would highly recommend you to do so and you can get it cheaper than you can in resort! Ski Hire can be pre-booked and allocated per person, so you can get this element of your holiday sorted before you get to resort. In some of our resorts we offer an in-chalet fitting service, where the ski hire shop comes to you. Again, if you log into your account, you will be able to see pricing and what equipment is available.


Q: Can I arrange ski lessons through you?

A: Yes - and this is something that you should be doing sooner rather than later, since ski lessons are subject to availability and get booked up very quickly on peak dates. Please call our team on +44 (0) 20 8877 8882 to get more information.


Q: Do you offer ski guiding?

A: No - legally we are not allowed to. However, we can organise ski guiding via the local guides.


Q: Can I add special requests to my holiday?

A: Absolutely - and this is what Powder White is all about - trying to accommodate your requests. However, these requests have got to be realistic and we certainly don't promise to deliver any request! Please note that if changes are made to your booking or to bookings made with third party suppliers, £30 administration charges may apply. 


Q: Is there parking outside each of the chalets?

A: There is parking outside the majority of the chalets and the parking available is detailed on the individual chalet pages. Where it says that the parking is available on a first come first served basis, then the parking space(s) might already have been booked so it cannot be guaranteed. Parking is payable locally - so this means that the parking will come at an additional cost.


Q: What training do you staff go through?

A: The staff go through an intensive training course at the start of the season that cover all aspects of your holiday. All catering staff also have a Food Hygene Certificate.


Q: Can I discuss with you special catering requirements?

A: To a certain extent. Powder White works from a set menu plan that over the years has been refined, and has been enjoyed by literally thousands of Powder White guests. If you want to slightly alter this menu plan to fit your needs (for example, you want to not have starters, or not have puddings etc) then this can be requested. As we am sure you can appreciate, we cannot totally change the menu plan for your group.


Q: Do you cater for dietary requirements?

A: Yes - but we need to know what your dietary requirements are at least a week before the start of your holiday. Please note that nuts are used in the chalets so there is a danger of exposure to nut residue. If you or any of your group have a severe allergy, there is still a responsibility for you to check that ingredients being used are suitable, despite informing us beforehand. Please also note that some ingredients are very difficult if not impossible to get in the Alps, so do feel free to bring along any specific or unusual ingredients if you require them. We ask for your help and understanding as much as possible in this respect.  Please note that if specific ingredients are required because of allergies, an additional charge for these may be charged. 


Q: What day is the chalet hosts day off?

A: The chalet host day off is in general, on Wednesday in France and Switzerland, and on Thursday in Austria. Whilst this can be shifted by a day in order to offer a degree of flexibility, it cannot be moved to the start or the end of the week. If you are arriving a day or two late, or departing a day or two early, the chalet host will still need to have a day off in the middle of your stay.


Q: Do the chalet hosts live in the chalet?

A: In general, the vast majority of the staff live out of the chalet. However there are a few chalets where the chalet staff live in the chalet or below the chalet. This is detailed on the individual chalet pages.


Q: Do I tip the chalet hosts?

A: This is totally at your discretion, but ordinarily the chalet host is tipped about €20 or CHF 25 per guest. Whilst the chalet staff are paid very competitive salaries, they do work incredibly hard, and your tips are a welcome appreciation of this. Please treat our chalets hosts in the way in which you would want to be treated yourself!


Q: What equipment do you provide for infants?

A: We can provide a travel cot and a highchair per infant in the chalets - but still do please let us know if you require these. Please note that we do not provide cot linen as our past experience has taught us that parents provide this for their children. Please note that as a nominal rate has been paid for your infant, it is undertsandable that food and milk is not included.  Cooking facilities will be made available in order to heat milk or make basic food. 


Q: Are Infants catered for in the chalets?

A: Infants are not catered for. In our experience, parents prefer to cater for their infants. Of course we will give you the kitchen space and equipment to prepare food for your infant.


Q: What sort of food to you provide in the chalets?

A: Over the years we have designed a menu that delivers what hungry skiers want - it is good quality food that delivers on taste and hunger fulfillment! We do not aspire to delivering haute cuisine, and we believe that you do not want overly fussy cuisine. We do not attempt to delivery local cuisine, as ordinarily this is what you will be eating at lunchtime on the mountain.


Q: Is there Wi-Fi provided in the chalets?

A: Yes - and this is free of charge. However, we cannot guarantee that there is an uninterrupted service. Also we cannot guarantee any minimum speed of connection, especially when multiple devices are being used simultaneously. Please also note that we cannot guarantee that your device (laptop, tablet, phone etc) will be able to connect and use the wireless as all computer settings differ greatly. 


Q: Are there washing machines in the Chalets?

A: In some of the chalets there are washing machines available to use - there is a charge for the use of these machines that is pre-bookable before you go on holiday.


Q: Where can I find the address of the chalet?

A: The address of the chalet is found on the pre-departure details that we will email to the party leader two weeks before the start of your holiday.


Q: When is the pre-departure information sent?

A: The pre-departure information is emailed to the party leader two weeks before the start of your holiday.


Q: What time can I check into my self catered apartment?

A: Each apartment has different check in times, but generally it is at 5pm, with 11am for short stays. However, please confirm this at the time of booking.


Q: What time can I check into my hotel room?

A: Each hotel has different check in times - please have a look at the individual hotel pages for this information, but please do confirm this at time of bookings


Q: Can we get a discount for not drinking wine and/or substitute it for beers/soft drinks?

A: There is no discount available if you do not want to drink the wine, and we cannot substitute beer or soft drinks instead of the wine. However, beers and soft drinks can be added to the booking at an additional cost - we would need to be informed of this at least a week before the start of your holiday.


Q: Is there a TV in the chalet? Does the TV have English Channels?

A: There is a TV in each of the chalets with a DVD player. The televisions do not have English TV channels.


After your skiing holiday


Q: How do I leave feedback?

A: You will be emailed an online questionaire after your holiday. However, if you want to give feedback whilst on your holiday, please do let your Chalet Host or Resort Manager know, especially if it is something that we can do to improve your holiday. There is little point telling us on the final night of your holiday when we could have changed how we do things from the first or second night.


Q: What if I have left something behind?

A: If we can locate what you have left behind, and it can be posted, then we will post this to you - however you will have to pay for the postage. If it is a larger item or a more delicate item, then it may be possible to be brought back to the UK during the season, however these will need to be picked up from the office in London. Please note that there may be a charge for this.


Q: Are there discounts if I book with Powder White again?

A: For Chalet Holidays, you will have a 10% repeat guests discount. Sadly we cannot extend this discount to Hotel or Apartment holidays and this discount cannot be used in conjunction with other offers available at the time.